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Medical Science Curriculum

Program Level Outcomes

Graduates of the Master of Science in Medical Science program will achieve 12 program level outcomes that describe the skills, competencies and knowledge gained through completion of the program curriculum.

  • Demonstrate medical sciences knowledge and competencies comparable to first-year medical school curriculum
  • Demonstrate the ability to be creative, critical and analytical thinkers
  • Demonstrate knowledge base and skill set compatible with success in health professional programs
  • Demonstrate research design competencies
  • Demonstrate ability to execute a variety of laboratory techniques relevant to their field of research
  • Demonstrate competencies with statistics, data analysis and interpretation
  • Demonstrate ability to critically read and analyze their own work and the scientific literature and understand its impact on medicine and society
  • Demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively
  • Understand how to conduct research in an ethical manner
  • Build the foundations of a robust professional network
  • Develop a knowledge base, technical skills, and a sense of professionalism necessary for a career that encompasses discovery
  • Develop as a well-rounded, competitive applicant for future educational endeavors in the medical and health sciences

Year One

During their first year, Master of Science in Medical Science program students take a rigorous program of study that is comparable to the first year of medical school. The curriculum is delivered by the same medical school faculty who present the same material in the medical school. Assessments of Medical Science program students are, however, done separately from the medical school assessments.

Fall Semester (21.5 credits required)

Required courses:

  • IMSP 513S – Medical Biochemistry (8 cr.)
  • IMSP 522S – Medical Physiology I (3.5 cr.)
  • IMSP 542S – Medical Microanatomy I (5.0 cr.)
  • IMSP 502S - Medicine & Society (3.0 cr.)


  • IMSP 544S – Medical Immunology I (1.5 cr.)

Spring Semester (19.5 credits required)

Required courses:

  • IMSP 523S – Medical Physiology II (3.5 cr.)
  • IMSP 543S – Medical microanatomy II (3.0 cr.)
  • IMSP 506S - Medical Professionalism & Leadership (3 cr.)
  • IMSP 562S – Medical Neuroanatomy (6.0 cr.)


  • IMSP 545S - Medical Immunology II (1.5 cr.)
  • IMSP 552S – Medical Nutrition (1 cr.)

Year Two

During the second year, Medical Science program students engage in a year-long research experience.

Fall Semester

Required courses:

  • MMSP 503S - Research Seminar I (3 cr.)
  • MMSP 501S - Research in Medical Science (6 cr.)
  • Biostatistics


  • MMSP 520S- Medical Pathology I (6 cr.)

Spring Semester

Required courses:

  • MMSP 504S - Research Seminar II (3 cr.)
  • MMSP 502S - Research in Medical Science II (6 cr.)


  • MMS 521S – Medical Pathology II (4 cr)

*Please note that you must take the full Medical Science program curriculum, shown in these tables, to qualify for a guaranteed interview with the MD Program.


Electives may be selected from over 30 available courses to fulfill the requirements for Year 2 coursework. Examples of electives include:

  • Ethical Issues in Research
  • Biology of Cancer
  • Introduction to Clinical Trials
  • Fundamentals of Nutrition and Diet***
  • Scientific Writing & Medical Literature
  • Basic Immunology I & II***
  • Current Federal Regulatory Issues in Biomedical Research
  • Human Pathology I & II***
  • Designing the Clinical Trial
  • Molecular Genetics
  • Innovative Product Development
  • Embryology
  • Fundamental Compliance
  • Medical Microbiology I & II
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Special Topics in Anatomy
  • Informatics in Pharmacological Research & Development
  • Graduate Pharmacology
  • Healthcare in Spanish I & II
  • Forensic Pediatrics
  • Organizational Management
  • Forensic DNA Analysis
  • Forensic Radiology
  • Human Osteology and Calcified Tissue I & II
  • Forensic ER and Trauma
  • The Autopsy

***In order to be considered for the guaranteed interview, students must take the electives marked with an asterisk.

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