Drexel University Takes the Squash World by Storm

At Drexel University, we're constantly expanding to try new things. And that's even true of our athletics.

Take a look at one of our most recent additions to the athletic offerings at Drexel: squash.

While Drexel offers a plethora of athletics to join in on, including 18 Division I Varsity sports, squash might be getting the most buzz on campus right now.

It started with a brand-new squash court, located in Drexel's Daskalakis Athletic Center. The Kline & Specter Squash Center offers seven squash courts in total — plenty of space for all of the squash lovers on campus.

And there are plenty of them, especially with the creation of men's and women's squash teams at Drexel University.

Launched during the 2012–2013 season, Drexel's men's and women's squash teams have been nothing but dedicated to the sport, taking on college opponents across the country. And the men's team even went to the 2013–2014 National Squash Championships in Massachusetts. In the 2014-2015 Dunlop Men's College Squash Association Team Rankings, Drexel ranked 12 out of 62 colleges.

That's not the only proof Drexel is dedicated to this unique sport. The University has hosted the U.S. Open Squash Championships since 2011. Working with U.S. Squash, the championships are one of the top squash competitions in the world.

Just more proof that there's something here for every student at Drexel University — and we're constantly exploring new territory when it comes to everything from research to athletics.

Want to get involved? Find out more about squash at Drexel on our Athletics page.