The aroma of coffee beans fills the air as loyal customers, some of whom visit up to five times a day, hustle and bustle through the doors of Saxby's Coffee at 34th Street and Lancaster Avenue. Nick Bayer, Saxby's Coffee founder, and Drexel's Close School of Entrepreneurship collaborated to open Saxby's Drexel — the only completely student-run café in the country. So it only makes sense that this new addition to campus is managed by Drexel junior entrepreneurship and management major Kelsey Goslin, '17.

Goslin was craving a fast-paced co-op where she could learn about organizational management in a different environment. She joined the new coffee spot as a student and then on co-op before its opening day. In preparation to become the lead manager at Saxby's Drexel, Goslin took part in substantial training, that included learning the ins and outs of Saxby's at the nearby Saxby's Rittenhouse. Like most Drexel students, Goslin developed multitasking and time management skills since she trained while taking classes.

Fast-paced has been an understatement since the opening of Saxby's Drexel location. Goslin controls scheduling for the team of employees, solves call-out issues, and handles inventory and ordering, deliveries, and on-site cooking.

Goslin also mentions that Saxby's Drexel goes beyond your ordinary local coffee shop in regard to its civic engagement. They repurpose free coffee grounds for customers to take home for composting as part of their sustainability initiative, integrate recyclable materials such as bags and brew boxes, and are involved with the surrounding community and some campus organizations like the Campus Activities Board (CAB).

Does co-op at Saxby's sound like your cup of tea (or should we say coffee)? Check out more of Steinbright Career Development Center's numerous co-op opportunities. If you're looking to get involved in civic engagement, visit the Lindy Center's website.