We Start Our Own Knight Clubs

Tonight we're going out to the nightclub on campus — make that knight club. There may not be loud, pulsing music, but there are definitely lights. lightsabers, that is. And the students wielding them are Jedis dressed for the occasion.

Yes, you read that right. Jedis.

Among Drexel's more than 300 student organizations and clubs, the Dragon Jedis stand out as one of the most unique. It's an official Drexel student organization that meets weekly with one goal: to choreograph awesome lightsaber battles.

With their student organization status, they buy lightsabers, reserve spots on campus to practice their movements and battles, assemble costumes, work on character development and the choreography of the staged combat events, and even attend conventions. They rely on a process that uses numbers and letters to determine when and where the lightsaber battles will take place. Then, the battles vary — sometimes opponents are blindfolded, sometimes the battles are practice scenarios to welcome new Dragon Jedis to the Force.

All of this is in preparation for public performances, like on First Fridays and charity events. While it is fun and games, the Dragon Jedis spend time and energy to make it believable because, ultimately, it's their way of giving back to the community. And really, you can’t watch it without getting excited and cracking a goofy grin, so it seems to be working.

Beyond that, the Dragon Jedis underscore an important theme: We're not afraid to be different. There’s a place for everyone at Drexel. If, among the 300 student organizations — from a cappella groups to a literary magazine to cultural and religious groups to ceramics to a math club — you can’t find one that suits your interests, you can start the group you’re dreaming of by registering a new student organization. Chances are you'll find others who want to join you.

Visit Drexel's Student Organization Directory to see the groups that are already here and think about where you might want to add your own.