Proud and Blessed to Be a Drexel Dragon

Coming to Drexel University was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am a first-generation college student and I came to Drexel as a transfer student from Harrisburg, PA. I went to a community college in Harrisburg called Central Pennsylvania's Community College, HACC, where I got my associate's degree in business. Thankfully, I was able to bring all of my credits from that program into Drexel.

When I was studying at HACC, I used to receive emails from Drexel University inviting me to apply and informing me about scholarships I could get because of being a member of the International Honor Society called Phi Theta Kappa – Alpha Nu Omega.

It is a very thin line between what we study here at Drexel and what's happening in industry and business because of the cooperative educational system.

When I came to University City, I instantly fell in love with Drexel's campus. There was something about the campus that made me feel at home, somewhere I belong. Although Drexel was my #1 choice, I still applied to some other colleges, including one in Kentucky where I received a full scholarship. However, after attending for a week, I knew that it was not the right fit for me. I called the admissions office at Drexel and asked them if I could start classes here in the spring, since I got admitted for the fall already. Calling them was a very impulsive idea, but I am glad that I did so! Thankfully, it was the last day to reapply to Drexel and I got admitted again with my scholarships. It felt like a miracle.

Being here, I realize that people at Drexel genuinely care about the students. Every day I discover a million new reasons to appreciate Drexel. During my first term, I had one large class with over 200 students, but even in that class the professor walked around the room while lecturing and made sure we all were engaged through various class activities and discussions. Most of my classes here are small, and we are very engaged and do many projects in class related to the current events. We even work closely with real-world businesses. Drexel is my heaven on earth.

Here at Drexel, my curriculum is set up exactly how I wished. I am currently double majoring in Marketing and Marketing Research, Operations and Supply Chain Management, and minoring in Management Information Systems. This is exactly what I wanted to study for the kind of career I want. Also, being at Drexel, I realize the connections that students make with professionals. I am currently the director of marketing at ALPFA Drexel, a professional organization that is partnered with multiple companies such as KPMG, PWC, Johnson and Johnson, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, and more. I am also part of many other student organizations here.

Drexel is different than other institutions because we get real-life experience. It is a very thin line between what we study here at Drexel and what's happening in industry and business because of the cooperative educational system. I see many large businesses coming to Drexel to recruit our students and it tells a lot about Drexel's quality. Because of all the opportunities that Drexel offers, I feel ready for the future. Having all the experience here, including co-op, I know that I will have a lot to offer to my career field.

Prity K Das
Class of 2020
Harrisburg, PA, Bangladesh
Marketing and Marketing Research; Operations and Supply Chain Management
Management Information System