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Payroll Process

Pay Frequency

Hourly (non-exempt) employees

Hourly (non-exempt) employees including administrative staff, student employees and work-study students are paid on Friday every other week (bi-weekly). Hourly employees are paid on a one week lag, meaning that when you receive your pay check, it will represent payment for all hours worked through the previous Friday.  Payment for the current week’s hours worked will be included in the following pay check. Please see the payroll processing schedules for a complete listing of pay periods and pay dates.

Salaried (exempt) employees

Salaried (exempt) employees including faculty, professional staff, research assistants, teaching assistants, graduate assistants and scholarship/fellowship recipients are paid on the last working day of the month. Monthly employees’ salary (annual or per term) is divided by the number of months that they will be employed during the year/term and paid out in even installments. Salaried employees are not paid on a lag basis, meaning that when you receive your pay check, it will represent payment for all services performed during the current month through the last day of the month. Partial months worked are pro-rated based on the number of days worked out of the number of available work days in that calendar month. Please see the payroll processing schedules for a complete listing of pay periods and pay dates.

Time Reporting Requirements

Hourly employees

Hourly employees must report all hours worked and time off taken in order to be paid. Hourly employees report their hours using Web*Time Entry in DrexelOne. Web*Time Entry timesheets must be approved by the department in order for the Payroll Office to pay the hours worked.

Each department has an assigned approver, whose name is displayed at the bottom of the online timesheet. This individual is the primary contact for questions regarding the use of the Web*Time Entry system.

Instructions on submitting and approving time sheets are available on the Payroll Instructions webpage.

Please note that the system will automatically lock you out as of the “Submit by Date” indicated at the top of your online timesheet. To avoid being locked out of the system before you can submit your hours; complete and submit your online timesheet by the end of the day on the last day of the pay period.


Salaried employees

Professional Staff who accrue leave time are required to complete a leave report each month. All other exempt faculty and professional staff who do not accrue leave time do not have any reporting requirements.

Professional staff are required to submit a leave report each month even if no leave time was taken for that period.  Leave reports should be completed by the third working day of the month following the reporting period.

Leave time is reported using the Exempt Leave Reporting app in DrexelOne. Time off reported through Exempt Leave Reporting must be reviewed and approved by your supervisor. The exempt leave report allows for the reporting of vacation, sick, floating holiday, civic engagement time and COVID leave. Please note that time taken for funeral leave and jury duty does not need to be reported through Exempt Leave reporting.

Instructions on submitting and approving exempt leave reports are available on the Payroll Instructions webpage.

All employees should check with their supervisor for additional departmental time reporting requirements.


Direct Deposit

All employees are encouraged to take advantage of direct deposit. Direct deposit is the safe, convenient way for you to have your pay deposited into your bank account on pay day. To sign up for direct deposit, you must complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form [PDF]. All direct deposit authorizations are subject to verification, which usually takes two pay periods after Payroll has processed the form. After signing up for direct deposit, employees should always verify the available balance in their bank accounts before making any payments from such accounts.

Once your direct deposit becomes active, you will no longer receive a paper pay check stub. You will receive an e-mail notification that a direct deposit has been processed for you which will direct you to view and print your pay stub information using DrexelOne. Please see instructions for more information on accessing your pay stub information.

Pay Check Distribution

Until your direct deposit becomes active, you will receive a regular pay check.  Pay checks are mailed to your Employee Home address. Every effort is made to mail your pay to you in sufficient time for you to receive it by pay day. However, there can be no guarantees with the mail. If you have not already done so, we strongly encourage you to sign up for direct deposit to avoid any mail-related delay in the receipt of your pay.

Please note that pay stub information is available to all employees through DrexelOne, whether the payment was made by check or direct deposit. You may view your earnings and deduction information for individual pay dates or a range of dates online anytime, anywhere. This information is usually posted at least one day before pay day and can answer many common questions, such as how much your net pay will be or whether your pay will be a check or a direct deposit.

W-2 Reporting

Each year the University must issue a W-2 form to all employees who received taxable wage payments so that the employees can file their taxes. These forms are sent out no later than January 31st, to report the taxable wages paid during the previous year. W-2 forms are mailed to your Employee Home address. If you prefer, you may opt out of having a paper W-2 mailed to you and you may print your own W-2 form from DrexelOne once it is available. Please see instructions for more information on choosing online delivery and printing.