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lactation lounge
Lactation Lounge, 3201 Arch Street

New and Expecting Parents

Drexel University is committed to supporting new and expecting parents through this exciting time in their lives. The information below provides an overview of the benefits and resources that may be available to you as an employee.

Family Preparation

Finding a Doctor

Drexel doctors can be found at Employees covered under Drexel University plans and utilizing Drexel doctors have reduced cost sharing. Employees insured under Drexel University plans can also search for providers at

Short-Term Disability

Short-term disability is an employee-paid, voluntary benefit, insured through the Designated Insurance Carrier. This provides income continuation to faculty and professional staff members who are unable to work for a continuous period of more than 14 days due to a non-work related illness or injury, which prevents the performance of normal duties of their position.

There is a standard plan or an enhanced plan to choose from. In order to access this benefit, election must be made during the Open Enrollment period, into one of these two plans for the plan year in which a disability commences. An employee cannot enroll in both plans.

Additional Assistance

Additional assistance to locate a provider and set up appointments is offered to employees through Health Advocate. Health Advocate offers a variety of additional support services to family members at no cost, such as:

  • Counseling Referrals
  • Medical bill review and resolution
  • Assistance locating doctors and hospitals and scheduling appointments
  • Short-term assistance for personal and family issues
  • Assistance locating a daycare
  • Health Advocate Contact information:

Employee Assistance Program:

  • SupportLinc administers the Employee Assistance Program to offer support for new parents who wish to receive short-term counseling
  • SupportLinc can also help benefits-eligible employees who need help finding a daycare or other childcare services
  • Employee Assistance Program Contact Information:
    • Connect with a live SupportLinc representative by calling their 24/7 helpline at 1.888.881.5462.
    • Log in to the SupportLinc website (username “drexel”) under the Web Access section of the homepage.

Health benefit resources that may be helpful during this time (contact your health insurance provider to confirm your benefits):

  • Preventive Screenings
  • Wellness visits to your primary care physician and OBGYN
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Immunizations
  • Nutritional Counseling

Lactation Spaces

Designated Lactation Spaces

University City Campus

Main Building, 3141 Chestnut Street, Room 222K (in the ISSS Office Suite)
This space is equipped with a table, chair, microwave and refrigerator.
Please reach out to for more information on how to reserve a timeslot to utilize the lactation room.

Nesbitt Hall, Room 128-C
This room is equipped with a table, chair and mini-fridge.
Please contact Jennifer Breaux at 267.359.6086 or to reserve the space.

Rush Building, 30 N 33rd Street, Room 233C (Second Floor)
This room is equipped with a table, chair, microwave, fridge and smart TV, as well as a pump available.
This room can be requested by speaking with an SCDI staff members during normal business hours or reserved by emailing

3600 Market Street, Room 719
This room is equipped with a table, chair and mini-fridge.
Please contact Victoria Egan at 267.359.6236 or to reserve the space.

3201 Arch Street, Room 223
This room is equipped with a table, chair and refrigerator.
Please contact the front desk in Human Resources at 215.895.2850 or to reserve the space.

Health Science Building, 60 N 36th St
Lactation rooms are located on the second, third, fifth, seventh and tenth floors of the building in rooms: 2W13, 3W11, 5W10, 7W12, and 10W63. Each room is furnished with a table, chair and mini-fridge.
No reservations needed. Rooms are first-come, first-served.

Queen Lane Campus

Room G-19
The room is equipped with a desk, table and chairs available.
Please contact the security desk for access to this room.

Swing Spaces

University City Campus

3201 Arch Street, Suite 430
This room is equipped with a table and chair.
Please contact Human Resources at 215.895.2850 to reserve this space.

Academy of Natural Sciences

1900 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Exhibits
This room is equipped with a sink. A refrigerator is also available upon request.
Please contact Jen Sontchi at 215.299.1120 or to reserve this space.

Health Insurance Benefits

Listed below is an overview of the benefits that may be available to you through your health insurance and prescription provider. Please contact your insurance company directly to obtain more detailed information about the benefits available to your family.

If you are covered under Drexel University's medical plan Independence Blue Cross can be reached at 1.800.ASK.BLUE and all plan summaries are posted on the the Human Resources website. OptumRx (prescription coverage) can be reached at 1.855.796.3480.


  • Lactation Support
  • Breast Pumps
  • Maternity Care
  • Home blood-pressure machines for pregnancy induced hypertension
  • Home health care for early postpartum discharge from the hospital
  • Child CPR Discount
  • Counseling services
    • Employees covered under Drexel University's Keystone or Personal Choice Plans only
  • Case management provided by a nurse to assist you throughout pregnancy
  • Baby BluePrints is a program offered by Independence Blue Cross for expecting mothers


  • Prenatal vitamins prescribed by your physician


  • Additional services and reduced costs may be available to you through your dental plan during pregnancy.

Baby Blueprints

Independence Blue Cross offers a maternity program for covered members called Baby BluePrints. This program is provided at no cost and can help you plan for a health pregnancy, delivery and beyond. Information about lactation support and your breast pump benefits is also provided.

Baby BluePrints Flyer [PDF]
Baby BluePrints Brochure [PDF]

Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) allow employees to put aside money before taxes to use for certain medical, daycare and transportation costs. The birth of a child and new enrollment into a daycare both are considered Qualified Life Events that allow employees to make changes to their current election. For information and details on submitting claims through the Flexible Spending Accounts, contact Benefitexpress at 1.844.690.3992.

Health Care

The Health Care Spending Account is a pre-tax savings account to be used for unreimbursed healthcare expenses for you and your eligible dependents. Such expenses include coinsurance and deductible amounts, office visit and prescription drug co-pays, orthodontia, chiropractic care, laser eye surgery and eye glasses/contact lenses. The program carries an annual plan maximum as well as "Use It or Lose It" provision, where all claims must be incurred by December 31st of the plan year. Drexel also allows a roll-over that will automatically roll up to $500 in unused funds from one plan year into the next if the funds go unused.

To view a list of eligible and ineligible expenses, please log in to the enrollment system through DrexelOne.

Dependent Care

The Dependent Care Spending Account allows you to be reimbursed for expenses relating to the care of your dependents while you (and your spouse) are at work or attend school full-time. The Dependent Care Spending Account can be used for:

  • Pre- and after school daycare expenses for children up to age 13.
  • Non-residential summer camp expenses for children up to age 13.
  • Full-day daycare expenses for children up to kindergarten.
  • Expenses for non-residential daycare for an eligible parent or parent-in-law.

The Program carries a $5,000 annual plan maximum (this amount is limited to $2,500 in the case of a separate return filed by a married individual) as well as a "Use It or Lose It" provision, where all claims must be incurred by December 31st of the plan year.

To view a list of eligible and ineligible expenses, please log in to the enrollment system through DrexelOne.

Pregnancy Accommodations

Under the Philadelphia Fair Practices Ordinance employees are entitled to reasonable workplace adjustments due to pregnancy. It is the employee's right to ask their supervisor for bathroom breaks, rest breaks, help with manual labor or lifting items, changes to your work environment or unpaid medical leave without penalty. To request an accommodation, or for additional information, please contact Disability Resources at 215.895.1401.

Family Medical Leave Act

Family Medical Leave is administered by our vendor, Lincoln Financial, in conjunction with the benefits team in Human Resources. Please refer to the Family and Medical Leave Policy for additional information.

Preparing for Baby Checklist

This checklist provides an overview of the steps necessary to make the preparation for your leave, and return to work, as seamless as possible

  1. Submit your claim for Family Medical Leave 30 days in advance of your due date or planned delivery.
  2. Advise HR of any vacation, sick, or floating holiday time taken in the current pay period prior to the start of your leave.
  3. If you are covered through Drexel University, sign up for Baby Blueprints with Independence Blue Cross (1.800.ASK.BLUE).
  4. Notify Lincoln Financial of your baby's date of birth.
  5. Within 31 days of your baby's birth, report a Qualified Life Event through our HR benefits administrator, Benefitexpress, to make any necessary changes to your benefit enrollment.
  6. Upon your return to work, notify Lincoln Financial of your first day back.
  7. HR will submit your time through the pay period in which you return to work; be sure to notify HR of any sick, vacation, or floating holiday time taken in this period.

Report a Life Event

A Life Event (or Qualified Life Event) is a change in your family or employment status that may allow you to make certain benefit changes. If you experience a Life Event change and wish to add or drop a dependent(s) for coverage purposes, you must do so on or within 31 days after the qualifying event. Changes must be consistent with the qualifying life event.

  • The birth or adoption of a child is considered a Life Event. You must report the birth of your newborn or the adoption of your child to Benefitexpress on or within 31 days after the birth or adoption in order to add your baby to coverage. Log in to DrexelOne and select My Drexel Benefits (under the Employee tab) to declare your Life Event online. Once the Life Event is declared, an enrollment window will open for you to edit your current elections.
  • First 30 days: Your newborn is covered by Pennsylvania State Law for the first 30 days of life under the mother's medical insurance plan. Please note you must contact Human Resources within 31 days of birth to request your baby be added to your plan for the first 30 days of life only.

Drexel Parents Group

Drexel Parents is an informal group of Drexel employees who share advice and provide moral support for each other as working parents (and expecting parents) at Drexel. The group is open to any faculty or professional staff member and occasionally meets in person for brown-bag lunches. You can join the group in Microsoft Teams (log in to Office365, select Teams, and search "Drexel Parents" via the "Join or create a team" field).