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Wellness Incentive Program

The wellness incentive program is designed to help you improve your health and wellness, increase workplace wellness, and cultivate a culture of health.

Please note that you must complete the Personal Health Profile (PHP) in order to receive payouts for your participation in the wellness incentive program. The PHP is a required step in this program.

Who is Eligible?

Full-time and part-time benefits-eligible faculty and professional staff enrolled in a Drexel medical plan, or full-time employees who waive medical coverage, will be eligible to earn up to $400 during this annual program, which runs from Jan. 1 to Nov. 30.

Drexel employees who are covered under a Drexel partner or spouse's health insurance plan will be considered "spouses" in this program and will be eligible for the $250 spouse incentive, not the $400 employee incentive. Drexel employees who are married to another Drexel employee must maintain separate health insurance plans provided by Drexel for both spouses to be eligible for the full $400 employee wellness benefit.

Spouses and domestic partners who receive medical insurance through Drexel, or spouses and domestic partners of employees who waive medical coverage, are also invited to participate in the Wellness Incentive Program. Eligible partners will be able to earn up to $250, paid via the employee’s paycheck from Jan. 1 to Nov. 30.

Eligible partners will need to be listed as dependents in the benefit enrollment system, even if they are not participating in any health benefits, in order participate in the Wellness Incentive Program. This will allow them to have access to their own secure portal to complete activities, and, like employees, will also have to complete a Personal Health Profile before any incentive payouts are processed.

When Can I Participate?

The incentive program starts Jan. 1 and ends Nov. 30, annually.

What do I Receive for Participating?

For every point you earn, you will receive $1 in your paycheck, up to $400 total. Please note that you will not receive any payouts in your paycheck until the month after you complete the Personal Health Profile (PHP). The PHP is a required step for payout of any points earned. If you do not complete your PHP, you will not be paid.

For every point they earn, spouses and domestic partners will receive $1 in the employee's paycheck, up to $250 total. Any earnings made by spouses and domestic partners will appear as a separate line item from the employee's wellness pay, in order to avoid confusion. Please note that you will not receive any payouts in your paycheck for your spouse or domestic partner until the month after they complete their PHP. The PHP is a required step for payout of any points earned. If your spouse or domestic partner does not complete their PHP, they will not be paid.

The first disbursement of funds will occur in the February pay period. Non-exempt employees will be credited once per month in the last paycheck for that calendar month. In general, money earned during one month will appear in the next month's paycheck. There may be a 6-week delay in the payment of points for onsite Drexel wellness activities. After an employee is terminated from Drexel University, we are unable to process payment for earned wellness points.

How Do I Get Started?

To start earning your credit, you will need to log in to and complete your required Personal Health Profile. Once this has been completed, you can earn credit for activities offered in the portal or for on-campus/webinar events.

Eligible spouses and partners can log in to and complete their required Personal Health Profile. Once this has been completed, they can earn a credit for any of the activities offered in the portal.

How Can I Earn Points?

There are many possible ways to earn 400 points. The PDFs below will show you the available possibilities.

Please review the following charts:

How Do I Schedule My Biometric Screening?

To complete your screening, you can either visit your Primary Care Physician or book an appointment to visit a LabCorp facility.

Login to the Wellness Incentive Program and click on the arrow in the upper right-hand, "My To-Do List," that says "Complete Your Health Screening."

On the next page, either download and print a "Physician Form" to take directly to your Primary Care Physician or, click on "Find a LabCorp Location" to schedule an appointment at the LabCorp location of your choice. Please print your LabCorp voucher while scheduling.

When scheduling your LabCorp appointment, please select "Employee Wellness with Body Measurements" as the reason for your visit. For payment method, select "Other." The cost of the appointment will be billed to Drexel.

The process is the same for spouses/partners participating in our Wellness Incentive Program.

If you have questions about this process, please call 1.866.695.8622.

How Do I Learn More About This Program?

Please download these PDF slides to view a copy of our 2021 presentation "Navigating Your Wellness Incentive Program," or watch the recorded version.

How Do I Get Help With This Program?

Call the toll-free number: 1.866.695.8622 to reach a Health Advocate Coach to begin taking advantage of your wellness program.

You can also visit the Health Advocate Wellness Portal website to get started. You can access the website at To access the wellness incentive program, you can either click on your "To-Do List" or, hover over the Well-Being tab at the top of the screen, and then click on Wellness Programs, after you log in.

Earning Points at Drexel

We have a number of onsite (and online) events where you can earn wellness incentive program points. Each point = $1.

Please note that only employees are eligible to attend and earn points for onsite activities. We cannot accommodate spouses or domestic partners at these events, either in-person or remotely.

Below is a list of upcoming ways for employees to earn points at Drexel!