Laboratory Safety Manual

Our faculty, professional staff and students bring a wealth of expertise to our institutions. They are vital to our mission of research, teaching and service to the University community. This expertise requires our institution to demonstrate its leadership to provide health protection and apply safety standards beyond the laws and regulations relating to environment, health and safety.

Our mission is to prevent or minimize injuries and illnesses and control potential hazards from our activities. Our intentions are to continually consult with each of the departments for complete compliance with laws and regulations regarding occupational health and safety and environmental protection. The Laboratory Safety Manual [PDF] is intended to inform our researchers of the policies and procedures of the University in an effort to provide protection to University employees, students, research subjects and our community. The manual details carefully developed compliance strategies, which include training, periodic inspections, sanitation, radiation protection, hazardous material handling, hazardous waste management, general safety, occupational health, disaster preparation and reporting of unauthorized potentially hazardous activities.

We must all remember that good environmental health and safety practices are the responsibility of each faculty member, professional staff member, student and visitor. Our participation and adherence to regulatory compliance is essential to the successful operation of an environmental health and safety program. Achieving these goals is critical. The Department of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety (EHRS) and the Office of Research & Innovation welcome your suggestions and cooperation in making the University the safest place to work.

The University's Laboratory Safety Manual [PDF] contains the following important topics:

  • Important Contact Numbers
  • Right to Know Guidelines
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Laboratory Safety Training
  • Laboratory Specific Standard Operating Procedures
  • Laboratory Safety Inspections
  • Laboratory Decommissioning and Relocation
  • Medical Surveillance
  • General Laboratory Safety
  • Biological Safety
  • Chemical Safety
  • Radiation Safety
  • Laser Safety
  • Hazardous Material Emergency Response

Please feel free to submit comments or questions concerning the information in the Laboratory Safety Manual to EHRS at

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