Shipping and Receiving

Real Estate and Facilities handles the shipping of all parcels and large freight to and from the University. Routinely, this translates into 300 to 1,000 packages daily via the UPS, FedEx and Motor Freight.

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Receiving Deliveries

Parcels shipped to Drexel University are received in the General Services Building Shipping and Receiving area and are electronically logged in, sorted and identified as to their destination. Deliveries are scheduled by building for either morning or afternoon delivery. If a department notifies Shipping and Receiving that a delivery is critical, it will be delivered as soon as possible. All delivered items require a receipt signature.

Shipping Items

When shipping parcels, it is best to call Shipping and Receiving at 215.895.2817 for pickup. If timing is critical, special arrangements can be made. Packages are normally only picked up once per day: UPS at 3 p.m., FedEx at 5 p.m., and and Motor Freight by call or next day. Shipping and Receiving has envelopes, boxes, tape, labels and other packing supplies available; incorrectly packaged items will be repackaged and charged to the sending department. Shipping and Receiving can also recommend the best way to ship parcels, taking into consideration both the cost and the time requirements for a specific delivery.


All shipments require a valid account number (departmental or research grant). If the recipient is paying the shipping cost, their account number is required (six-digit UPS, nine-digit FedEx). Returns require a Return Authorization (RA) number. Valuation should be included with outgoing shipments.


Insurance for items valued at $100 or less is included in the freight cost. For items over $100, UPS charges $0.35/$100 and FedEx charges $0.50/$100.

Refrigerated Materials

Refrigerated materials are logged in upon arrival and delivered to the department on the next available delivery vehicle.

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To contact Shipping and Receiving, call 215.895.2817.

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