Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can submit a general maintenance request (e.g. light bulb out, running toilet, heating problems) using the links on the work request section of this website.

If your request is for chargeable work, it must be submitted through a registered requestor from your department. If your department does not have a representative, ask your supervisor to create a work order account by completing the Work Order Access Request Form [PDF]. Email the completed form to or fax to 215.895.6754.

University City Campus

If an event occurs during business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.) that requires immediate assistance, call 215.895.1700. A Facilities representative will dispatch a technician to your area.

If a maintenance emergency occurs outside of business hours, contact Drexel University Public Safety at 215.895.2222.

If there is a true emergency such as fire or explosion, call 215.895.2222 or 911.

Center City, Queen Lane, West Reading Campuses

For immediate service concerns that need to be completed within 24 hours (i.e. spills, odor, overflowing trash can, bathroom attention), call the appropriate Housekeeping Building Manager for your facility, or 215.895.1700 and you will be directed to the appropriate contact.

For true emergencies on these campuses, call 911 or contact Drexel University Public Safety at 215.895.2222.

The Public Safety website has a comprehensive list of emergency and non-emergency numbers for all Drexel campuses.

Once a work order has been submitted, it cannot be changed by the user. Should a work order need to be edited after it has been entered into the system, please email or call 215.895.1700 and a Facilities representative will assist you.

Successfully submitted work requests will always have a work request number attached to it. If you do not receive a request number, then the request was not received and needs to be resubmitted. After completing the work request form, make sure you hit the “SAVE” button.

If your complete email address (e.g. including is not entered with the submitted request, you will not receive an email notification.

Please note that your submission is only a request until the facilities dispatcher accepts it and generates a work order number.

No. Anything that is considered general maintenance, such as replacing light bulbs or reporting that a toilet has been clogged, will not be charged to your Fund and ORG accounts.

If you experience problems logging into WebTMA, email Include your name, user ID and phone number.

If you discover that the Fund and ORG information you have provided is inaccurate, call a Facilities representative at 215.895.1700 to change the information.

The total charge for the work order can be reviewed on Web Finance. If details of the charges are needed, you can contact for charge details.

If you have any questions about a work order charge, you can call Real Estate and Facilities between the hours of 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday, at 215.895.1700.

Have a registered requestor from your department log in to WebTMA and submit a work order request that states "Estimate Only." The requestor will be contacted with the estimated cost. This will be a preliminary estimate provided by the department with the all available information considered. If you want to proceed with the work, you will need to submit a new work request and required bids will be obtained for finalized costs and work will be scheduled.

Complete the Space and Renovation Request Form to estimate any services needed for all construction, renovations, modifications or changes to existing facilities.

Contact Us

For general maintenance and non-emergency requests, please submit an online work request.

For maintenance emergencies after business hours: 215.895.2222.