Contractor Resources


Real Estate and Facilities regularly works with a variety of qualified diversity contractors across Drexel University's three Philadelphia campuses: University City, Center City and Queen Lane.

From large prime contractors to small businesses, contractors must meet the safety and insurance requirements set forth by the University and comply with the University's Building System Standards and Design Guide. The Planning, Design & Construction department works directly with contractors to ensure strict adherence of all University standards and guidelines.

Contractors participating in building and construction work, maintenance and service work may be required to complete and submit specific authorization forms, waivers and requests as appropriate.

All outside contractors and consultants must demonstrate proof of all required permits, licenses and insurance documents.


All contractors doing work on Drexel's campuses must complete and submit one or more of the following forms as required in the scope of work contract to Real Estate and Facilities. These forms must be completed and filed prior to the start of work.