Drexel Park

Real Estate

The Real Estate Department is responsible for the management of Drexel University's real estate portfolio, the negotiation and administration of all University space leases, the acquisition and disposition of University properties, and management of the University's relationships with third-party development partners.

Off-Campus Lease Agreements

In consultation with the Office of the General Counsel, Real Estate and Facilities is responsible for the review, analysis and negotiation of all leased space requests and approval of all off-campus lease agreements for Drexel business units. Such agreements, depending on their scope, may also be subject to approval by the Capital Asset Allocation Committee and the University Board of Trustees. Please see the Space Allocation and Renovation Policy for more information about University procedures pertaining to off-campus leases.

Academic Properties, Inc.

Academic Properties, Inc. (API), a wholly owned, non-profit subsidiary of Drexel University, is a real estate company that owns, manages, leases or operates a portfolio of over 1 million square feet of both commercial and residential holdings. API is responsible for the acquisition of strategic properties that give control to Drexel, with the goal of obtaining significant growth potential upon development.

API excels in multiple areas of real estate expertise, from holding title, to operating investment assets, to providing services and/or facilities for the University. Specific responsibilities include residential leasing, commercial leasing, facilities management, project management, fiscal management, asset development, and acquisition and dispositions.

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