Undergraduate Drexel Engineering Scholarships & Financial Aid 

The financing component is very important to consider when selecting your college or university. Drexel has many options that help to make attendance affordable. We urge you to visit the Drexel University Financial Aid website to learn about all the factors to consider — including the value and benefits of co-op, and the University's opportunities for financial aid and scholarships.

The College of Engineering has several dedicated scholarships that are offered to our undergraduate students. There is no need to apply. The Admissions and Financial Aid committees review your qualifications demonstrated in your admissions application. The vast majority of these are awarded at, or just after, admission to the University. Awardees will be notified by email and the award amount will be included in the financial tab of your admitted student page in Drexel One.

For information about scholarships seeking to bolster diversity, equity and inclusion, please click here.

Diverse students posing