Dhairya Jayesh Patel

Major: MS in Chemical Engineering

Ask Dhairya a Question

When did you become interested in engineering?

Evans Avoka

My interest in engineering was sparked during my formative years. I was always curious about how things worked, from everyday gadgets to complex processes. As I grew older, I started to appreciate the role of engineering in shaping the world around us. This curiosity and fascination eventually led me to choose engineering as my field of study and, later, as my career path.

What are your career plans

My career plans are firmly rooted in the field of chemical engineering. I am deeply passionate about leveraging my knowledge and skills to address pressing global challenges. I aspire to work on projects related to sustainable energy production, environmental preservation, and the development of innovative materials. Ultimately, I aim to be a part of ground-breaking research and technology that contributes to a more sustainable and prosperous future.

What made you choose Drexel’s graduate school?

I chose Drexel's Graduate School after careful consideration of its strengths in engineering and its commitment to fostering innovation. Drexel's renowned faculty members, multidisciplinary approach, and emphasis on practical experience align perfectly with my career goals. The opportunity to engage in hands-on research and collaborate with experts in the field made Drexel University the ideal choice for my graduate education.

What extracurricular activities do you enjoy?

Beyond my academic pursuits, I find great enjoyment and enrichment in extracurricular activities. I actively participate in research projects related to chemical engineering, which not only enhances my skills but also contributes to my professional growth. Additionally, I enjoy competing in engineering competitions and being an active member of relevant professional organizations. Engaging in these activities allows me to broaden my horizons and develop as a well-rounded engineer.

What advice would you give students thinking of attending graduate school?

To students considering graduate school in the United States, I would offer the following advice:

  • Approach your journey with an open and inquisitive mind.
  • Choose a program and institution that aligns with your specific interests and career goals.
  • Build a strong network of connections within your chosen field.
  • Recognize that your education is not just about acquiring knowledge but also about applying that knowledge to address real-world challenges.
  • Embrace the opportunities for personal and professional growth that graduate school can offer.
  • Contact student ambassadors, professors, and college seniors for a better understanding of the course and university.