Debashree Bhattacharya

Major: MS in Cybersecurity

Ask Debashree a Question

When did you become interested in engineering?

Evans Avoka

My father, the first engineer in our family, inspired my passion for engineering from a young age. I observed him repairing things around the house, and this ignited my interest. As an engineer, I've learned that it's not just about technical knowledge but also about developing life skills essential for thriving in our ever-changing world.

What are your career plans

My career plans after completing my Master's in Cybersecurity include working in a cybersecurity role within a reputable organization. I want to contribute to the continuous improvement of cybersecurity practices and help organizations defend against cyber threats.

What made you choose Drexel’s graduate school?

Drexel University's Graduate School enjoys a robust reputation within the United States' educational landscape. Drexel is particularly well-known for its renowned Co-op program, which plays a pivotal role in assisting students in identifying their core values and skills, ultimately helping them connect with organizations that align with their career aspirations.

What extracurricular activities do you enjoy?

Playing Badminton, listening to Bollywood Music, Crocheting, and spending time with my friends and family.

What advice would you give students thinking of attending graduate school?

Graduate School demands a significant commitment of time, effort, and resources. The coursework is more challenging and in-depth than undergraduate studies. It requires critical thinking and original research in some cases. One must be wholeheartedly committed to undertake the journey of Graduate Studies.