Engineering Advising & Academic Support

Through developmental advising, the Undergraduate Advising Center is committed to promoting student academic growth and success within the College of Engineering and the larger Drexel Community.

The Undergraduate Advising Center provides academic support and assistance primarily to undergraduate freshmen and sophomore students in the College of Engineering. Our staff can help you in areas such as academic advising, scheduling of classes, transferring credits to Drexel, personal support, and explanation of university policy and procedures. Our advising staff also specializes in aiding new freshmen and transfer students in their adjustment to the university. Once our students become Pre-Juniors, Juniors and Seniors, they will begin working with advisors assigned by their departments. See the list of College of Engineering advisors.

Advising is a collaborative effort. Students are encouraged to take an active role in academic planning with their assigned advisor to make the most of their experience while at the University.

On behalf of all of the CoE advisors, welcome to Drexel!

Welcome from the Associate Dean

You’ve found the website and the people to give you details on the many opportunities, choices and resources for undergraduate engineers. You already know that Drexel’s College of Engineering offers some of the best undergraduate engineering initiatives in the country. What you’ll find here are the details on how to define your path and take advantage of the many sources of assistance open to you.

James Mitchell
Professor James E. Mitchell

I recommend first and foremost that you utilize your advisors in the college.  For the first two years you’ll have a professional advisor in our office, the Undergraduate Advising Center. You’ll want to consult them about courses, majors, minors, accelerated programs and many other aspects of your academic life. They can be guides to the many other resource centers in the university as well. The Undergraduate Advising Center is available on both an appointment and a walk-in basis.

After your first two years you’ll transition to advisors within your college department/major. Your department advisor will continue to support you as you decide on the choices within each major.

The College of Engineering offers such diverse programs as our core freshman and sophomore curriculum, cooperative education (co-op), minors, and study abroad. We are located in a thriving, historic city that has its own splendid opportunities. Our accelerated degree programs create an educational environment unlike any other. Our environment and these programs combine to provide students with a top-notch engineering education while also allowing them to gain experience in the professional workforce of today. Because of all that is offered, Drexel is the largest private undergraduate engineering school in the country. This website and your advisor will provide you with guidance on all of these options.

There are many exciting opportunities to explore in the College of Engineering. Our programs will set you apart from other graduates. We’re here to help you excel in academics, research and service so you’ll develop as a first-rate engineering professional even before you graduate.

Prof. James E. Mitchell
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs