Research Proposal

  • Each student, after having attained the status of Ph.D. Candidate, must present a Research Proposal to a committee of faculty and industry members, chosen with her/his advisor, who are knowledgeable in the specific area of research.
  • This Proposal should outline the specific intended subject of study, i.e., it should present a problem statement, pertinent background, methods of study to be employed, expected difficulties and uncertainties, and the anticipated form, substance and significance of the results.
  • The purpose of this presentation is to verify suitability of the dissertation topic and the candidate's approach, and to obtain the advice and guidance of oversight by mature, experienced investigators. It is not to be construed as an examination, though approval by the committee is required before extensive work is undertaken.
  • The thesis proposal presentation must be open to all (faculty and students). Announcements regarding the proposal presentation must be made in advance.
  • The thesis advisory committee will have the sole responsibility of making any recommendations regarding the thesis proposal.
  • It is strongly recommended that the proposal presentation be given immediately after the successful completion of the candidacy examination.
  • The student must be a Ph.D. candidate at least for one year before he/she can defend his/her doctoral thesis.
  • The advisory committee chair will send a report to the Graduate Advisor after the presentation.