About Electrical and Computer Engineering

The ECE Department prepares women and men to become leaders in a highly dynamic and global environment at the forefront of engineering. To do just that, the department offers a rigorous curriculum and an array of degrees and minors.

We encourage our students to build a multidisciplinary path through our curriculum, based on their academic interests and career objectives. Our faculty and advising team will collaborate with students in developing their academic plan of study, where they can take classes in:

  • Machine learning (data analytics, computer vision, autonomous cars)
  • Electronic devices and VLSI circuits (processor and chip design)
  • Cyber-physical systems (internet of things, embedded systems)
  • Computer system design (processor and chip design, parallel programming, computer architecture)
  • Wireless systems (antenna design, cellular communication, microwaves)
  • Digital signal processing (cell phones, autonomous cars, audio signals, image analysis, biomedical applications)
  • Control systems and robotics (motion control, machine tools, industrial process control, vehicle system control, biomedical applications)
  • Alternative energy (residential, industrial, utility scale energy system analysis and design)
  • Electrical power (smart grid, micro grid, big data, demand-side management, electric vehicles, energy storage, power plants)