Department Research

Drexel University and the ECE Department are nationally recognized technology institutions with a strong history of developing innovative research and educational programs. Drexel has participated as both prime contractor and subcontractor with industry partners on government contracts. Drexel works with a variety of companies, from large prime contractors that develop and integrate technologies to small businesses looking for their first contracts. Drexel also works closely with the U.S. Departments of Defense, Transportation, Health and Human Services, Commerce, Homeland Security and industry partners on contracts that include many different types of technologies with various uses. Research programs in the ECE Department prepare students for careers in research and development, and aim to endow graduates with the ability to identify, analyze, and address new technical and scientific challenges.

The Faculty Research Guide gives information on the research topics in which our faculty are involved.

The Laboratories page gives information on each of the laboratories in our department, broken down by topic.