MS in Electrical Engineering

Program Plan: MS in Electrical Engineering

Course Requirement Courses/Credits
EE coursework*
7 courses (21 credits)
General ECE coursework
3 courses (9 credits)
Electives 5 courses (15 credits)
TOTAL 15 courses (45 credits)

* Research-intensive courses (ECE 697, ECE 898, ECE 997, and ECE 998) cannot be used to fulfill this requirement.

Elective courses can be chosen from among the graduate course offerings of:

  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE, ECEC, ECEE, ECEP, ECES, ECET)
  • Other departments within the College of Engineering (AE, CHE, CIVE, CMGT, EGEO, EGMT, ENGR, ENVE, ET, MATE, MEM, PROJ, PRMT, SYSE)
  • The School of Biomedical Science, Engineering and Health Systems (BMES)
  • Department of Mathematics (MATH); the Department of Physics (PHYS)
  • Department of Chemistry (CHEM) and the Department of Biology (BIO)
  • Operations Research graduate-level coursework in the Department of Decision Sciences (OPR)
  • Computer Science graduate-level coursework in the College of Computing & Informatics (CS)

In order to have courses outside of the departments, schools, and subjects listed above count towards degree completion, they must be approved by the graduate advisors prior to registration for said courses.