Meet Our Graduate Dean's Ambassadors

Are you interested in talking to a current master's student about Drexel's College of Computing & Informatics (CCI)? Our Graduate Dean's Ambassadors are here to welcome you to the CCI community, share their first-hand knowledge about the CCI academic experience, and are eager to answer your questions about life at Drexel. Please feel free to reach out to one of our Dean's Ambassadors below:

CCI Graduate Dean's Ambassadors

John Soriano Aguilar

Degree Program: MS in Information Systems - Full-time, online
Undergraduate Institution: Fordham University
Personal Interests: Investing and finance; current events; baseball
Career Goals: Considering getting an MBA to work in an intersection between IT and Business/Finance
Advice to Prospective Students: Keep an updated calendar (I use my Apple Calendar) to keep track of everything going on; it makes it easier to coordinate plans with friends and family to avoid conflicts with work and school commitments.

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Alex Hoang

Degree Program: MS in Data Science - Full-time, on campus
Undergraduate Institution: Temple University
Personal Interests: Soccer, hanging out with friends, being creative
Career Goals: Data Scientist
Advice to Prospective Students: If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out and ask. Also, be open-minded and expand your professional connection.

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Geeta Kukreja

Degree Program: MS in Computer Science - Full-time, on campus
Undergraduate Institution: K J Somaiya College of Engineering
Personal Interests: Hiking, traveling, being around nature
Career Goals: Become a full stack software developer. Build an NGO for community betterment.
Advice to Prospective Students: "Rest if you must, but don't you quit.” Take breaks when necessary and not be too hard on yourself.It's important to recognize when you need to step back and take a breath, and then come back to tackle challenges with renewed energy and determination. Don’t forget to reward yourself even for your smallest achievements.

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Shawn McCollum

Degree Program: MS in Computer Security and Privacy - Part-time, online
Undergraduate Institution: Lycoming College
Personal Interests: Cooking, video games, trying new restaurants in Philly
Career Goals: Enter the public sector either working on cybersecurity research or helping key infrastructure agencies (DOT, DOE, etc) protect their systems
Advice to Prospective Students: Utilize the resources around you to help you achieve your goals, whether that is Drexel career services, professors, family or friends.

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Tejas Milind Nagmoti

Degree Program: MSI in Human Computer Interaction and User Experience - Full-time, on campus
Undergraduate Institution: MVPS's KBT College of Engineering, Nashik
Personal Interests: Photography, Walking, Exploring places
Career Goals: Be a UX designer. Start a startup that can make a positive impact on peoples lives
Advice to Prospective Students: Get involved in different programs, take advantage of resources on campus, network and build relationships, and prioritize your mental and physical health. Try to help others without expecting anything back. Keep smiling and keep hustling.

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Srinivas Pai

Degree Program: MS in Data Science - Full-time, on campus
Undergraduate Institution: NMAM Institute of Technology (India)
Personal Interests: Soccer, MMA, cricket, video games
Career Goals: To gain experience working in the data science domain before eventually starting a business
Advice to Prospective Students: School can be stressful at times and thus, my advice is that you need to find things to do outside of school to de-stress yourself. Meet as many people as possible, build connections and don't be afraid to try something new.

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Emmeline Pearson

Degree Program: MS in Computer Science - Full-time, online
Undergraduate Institution: Case Western Reserve University
Personal Interests: Crew (rowing), running, baking and painting
Career Goals: Full Stack Software Engineer
Advice to Prospective Students: Set aside some time each day to work on projects, that way you make incremental progress and can ask for help along the way if you get stuck.

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Lida Susan Sabu

Degree Program: MS in Software Engineering - Full-time, on campus
Undergraduate Institution: APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (Kerala, India)
Personal Interests: Painting, Badminton, Anime
Career Goals: Software Architect
Advice to Prospective Students: Actively engage in Drexel events, seek assistance whenever needed, and fully utilize the available resources to maximize your academic and personal growth.

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Abhishek Shetty

Degree Program: MS in Data Science - Full-time, on campus
Undergraduate Institution: Drexel University
Personal Interests: Cricket, Geopolitics, Reading
Career Goals: Data Scientist
Advice to Prospective Students: Develop good time management skills. Learn not only in class but from everyone around you. Make good friends and ensure that you make time for sleep, food, and self-care.

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Jasjiv Singh

Degree Program: MS in Computer Science - Full-time, on campus
Undergraduate Institution: Chitkara University
Personal Interests: Squash, Running and Coding
Career Goals: To develop impactful software in the domain of distributed systems and computer networks
Advice to Prospective Students: Talk to the professors and TAs, you will gain more knowledge about the course that you are interested in.

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Danielle Vasquez

Danielle Vasquez

Degree Program: MSI Library and Information Science - Part-time, online
Undergraduate Institution: University of Pittsburgh
Personal Interests: Reading, storytelling, swimming in Lake Michigan, adventures with my kids, and gardening
Career Goals: I hope to be a children's librarian, but am excited about seeing what other career opportunities as I go
Advice to Prospective Students: Have fun along the way! Take time to get to know some of your professors and classmates. Ask as many questions as you need or want. Be open to seeing where the journey takes you.

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Elizabeth Worsley

Degree Program: MSI in Human Computer Interaction and User Experience - Part-time, online
Undergraduate Institution: University of the Arts
Personal Interests: Outdoor activities, Art, Yarn Work, Reading
Career Goals: Chief Human-Centered Design Officer
Advice to Prospective Students: Reach out to your fellow students and your professors. Connect and collaborate.

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