Jackie Holowka


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Major: BS Computer Science 

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Middletown, Delaware

I chose this major because... I have always enjoyed problem solving and learning about STEM topics but I did not really know what I wanted to do until I took my first programming class in high school. I fell in love with programming and I was so excited to learn that it was something I could choose as a major and make a career out of. I just love the aspect of learning to think of things from a different perspective and solving problems.

Favorite Course(s): CS 164It was my very first class at Drexel and helped me learn about the different fields within computer science. It was challenging but I loved doing work for the class since it was interesting to me and so rewarding to complete assignments for it. 

Clubs/Extracurricular Activities: Women in Computing Society, Drexel Track Club

Co-ops I've done:

  • Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin, Moorestown, NJ (current co-op)

Favorite thing/place at Drexel: Sitting outside on campus with friends on a nice day. It’s great to sit outside and do school work or to get food and just relax.

When I'm not at Drexel, I'm... Exploring Philly with friends. I really enjoy walking around Center City and finding new places to go for food or fun. I also love running along the Schyukill River trail.  

When you are in Philadelphia, I think you should... Explore! Find new places and new food! Some of my favorite spots are the Art Museum, Cira Green, and City Hall. 

Advice to new/incoming CCI students: Be open to change! Your first year will be both exciting and scary but you should embrace and enjoy it. You will meet so many different people from different backgrounds and learn so much both in and out of the classroom. Take advantage of the opportunities that Drexel offers to get involved and take advantage of the City of Philadelphia! 

What is your dream job? I would love to work for Google or another tech company. I am not exactly sure what I want to do with my computer science degree yet, but that is why I chose Drexel. With the co-op program I have the opportunity to work in different environments and do different things to figure it out as I go.  


I’m a computer science major, currently in my second year at Drexel. I chose Drexel because of its location in Philadelphia and its co-op program. love going to concerts and other events in the city. I’m also a runner and love running around Philly. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk or have any questions at all!