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Apply to the Masters in Information program today at the College of Computing & Informatics. The deadlines for Spring 2021 are Monday, March 1, 2021 for Domestic On-Campus Students & International/Domestic Online Students, and Feb. 1, 2021 for International On-Campus Students. The deadlines for Fall 2021 are Friday, August 27, 2021 for Domestic On-Campus Students, Sunday, June 13, 2021 for International On-Campus Students, and Monday, August 23, 2021 for all Online Students (Domestic and International).

Information is what drives our society and connects every industry across the globe. Drexel’s MS in Information (MSI or MI) program is a professional masters of information management degree that prepares students to be leaders in the information profession who can lead, collaborate and innovate data-driven solutions to advance society and the economy. Students in the program are trained for a range of information and data-oriented careers at the intersection of people, information and technology.

Master's in Information Program Features

  • These master’s courses in information management are taught by top-tier researchers and professionals from all aspects of the information sciences
  • Students choose one of the following information management graduate program majors: (ALA accredited) Library & Information Science, Digital Content ManagementHuman-Computer Interaction & User Experience (UX)
  • Provides a closer connection to information work through a capstone project, ensuring that students have practical work experience by the time they graduate and are prepared to enter the workforce at a professional level
  • Students may pursue a dual degree program by combining the Master’s in Information with any other CCI graduate degree program
  • Students of the information management master's degree program are prepared to work in information roles in organizations of all types – from libraries, to archives, to corporations and government agencies
  • Our Library & Information Science major is accredited by the American Library Association since 1924

The Master of Science in Information is Available

    • Full-time
    • Part-time
    • On Campus
    • Online

    MSI Degree Curriculum

    This interdisciplinary, 45-credit, 15-course program features:

    • Three foundation courses;
    • Five core courses in one of the following three majors: 1) Library and Information Science (LIS), 2) Digital Content Management (DCM), and 3) Human-Computer Interaction/User Experience (HCI/UX);
    • Six electives;
    • A capstone course: students pursue an optional research or longer-term project-based capstone, spanning two quarters (6 credits).

    Available Majors for the Masters in Information Program

    Library & Information Science (LIS)

    The LIS major prepares students for professional leadership positions and careers in libraries, archives, museums and information organizations of all types. Graduates who complete their MSI degree with the LIS major will advance knowledge, embrace lifelong learning, manifest social responsibility and community outreach, and lead the LIS field as practitioners and scholars. To this end, the major emphasizes intellectual depth, rigor and richness as well as practical experience in libraries, archives, museums, corporations, educational institutions, government agencies and other information-intensive environments. The LIS major provides an interdisciplinary and technology-rich approach to information and its application.

    Learn more about our Library Science Master’s Major

    Digital Content Management (DCM)

    Digital technologies have significantly transformed the ways we generate, process, transfer, and use information. The sheer volume of digital content intersects, overlaps, and, in many contexts, outpaces the increase in big data. As a result, scientific, scholarly, and entrepreneurial institutions increasingly seek professionals with expertise in managing and leveraging digital content. The DCM major within the masters of information degree will prepare students for professional careers in the rapidly changing information society and economy reliant on digital content. The DCM major addresses the creation, design, operation, stewardship and governing of digital content, including systems supporting institutional and enterprise information needs. Students gain skills and knowledge necessary for managing and leveraging digital assets.

    Explore our Digital Content Management Major

    Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience (HCI/UX)

    Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience are fundamentally interdisciplinary fields that draw simultaneously on human-centered disciplines like psychology, sociology, and anthropology and technology-centered disciplines like software engineering and computer science to design technologies that meet human needs. CCI’s HCI/UX major in the Master of Science Information explores creative ideas, theories and technologies that advance students’ understanding of the complex and tightly coupled relationships between people and computing systems. The program prepares students to create technologies that support and complement human needs and abilities in a broad range of contexts such as work, wellness, home, entertainment and artistic expression. The HCI/UX field is growing rapidly — a master’s degree in HCI was ranked as the 4th best graduate degree for jobs by Fortune Magazine in 2015 and in 2017 User Experience Researcher was ranked among the best 40 jobs in America by CNN Money with a projected growth of 19% in the coming decade.

    Get to know our HCI/ UX Graduate Program Major

    Sample Courses in the MS In Information Program

    • INFO 505 Information Professionals and Information Ethics: Surveys the social, ethical, and legal issues that affect information professionals and organizations. Addresses such topics as access to and ownership of information, intellectual freedom, and privacy. Studies the structure and components of the information professions and the evolving role of information professionals.
    • INFO 590 Foundations of Data and Information: Introduces and explores principles, techniques, and theoretical contexts for organizing data, information, and knowledge. Specific topics include information structures and standards, resource description, metadata, ontologies and classification, linked data, representation and knowledge organization. The course covers existing and emerging data standards and tools applicable to various information settings. The course also addresses social and economic aspects of data and information, data and information services, and future boundaries and contexts for data and information.
    • INFO 508 Information Innovation through Design Thinking (new course): This introductory course provides an overview of basic phases of design processes for students in information disciplines. Design thinking is a way of engaging with the world that emphasizes creativity and constructive change; students will learn about techniques for several key design practices: empathizing with others, framing a problem, ideation, experimentation, and storytelling. By applying these techniques in a variety of contexts related to information, students will practice innovation in the information professions with an emphasis on understanding the social implications of potential innovations.

    For more information on curriculum and plans of study, please visit Drexel's Graduate Catalog pages for each major:

    To find out when courses are offered, please visit Drexel's Term Master Schedule.

    MS in Information Admissions Requirements - All Majors

    • A completed application.
    • A four-year bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution in the United States or an equivalent international institution.
    • A GPA of 3.0 or higher, in a completed degree program, bachelor’s degree or above.
    • Official final transcripts from ALL Colleges/Universities attended.
    • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is not required for MSI.
    • One (1) letter of recommendation required, two (2) are suggested.
    • Essay/Statement of Purpose.
    • Current Resume.
    • Pre-requisites for all graduate level programs: computer requirements and skills
    • Additional requirements for International Students.
    • Visit our Graduate Admissions section for application deadlines.

    MS in Information Webinar Series

    Presented by Drexel CCI Information Science faculty, this free webinar series focuses on industry trends and research topics around the degree program's graduate major areas: Library and Information Science, Digital Content Management, and Human-Computer Interaction & User Experience (UX). Presenters will discuss a topic for 20 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of live audience questions.

    Webinar Sessions:

    Human-Computer Interaction/UX Certificate Option

    The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Human-Computer Interaction/User Experience (UX) provides foundations and practical skills for professionals who want to design and evaluate a wide variety of user experiences and computer interfaces. The certificate program may also serve as an on-ramp to a MS in Information HCI/UX major, if completed with predetermined grade requirements.

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