Dragon Life Tour

Drexel Park

Although Drexel is a city school, we offer more than just your typical clubs and sports. Warm up your light saber and get in on a Jedi battle, join a tight-knit sorority or fraternity, become a radio personality, or start a game of beach volleyball. Drexel is yours to explore with numerous possibilities.

Clubs and Organizations

1. Clubs and Organizations

You can get involved in over 300 clubs and organizations here at Drexel. One example, the Jedi Club is a student-run organization complete with light sabers and choreographed battles. Started by students with a special interest in the Star Wars phenomenon, these fighters prepare to take on the dark side during regular meet-ups.

Performing Arts

2. Performing Arts

The performing arts are alive at Drexel and available to students from any major. Dance, music, and theatre are just a few options where you can take your place on stage.

Greek Row

3. Greek Row

Greek Row is an entire street of most of the sorority and fraternity houses on campus. Greek Row is also home to many popular brother and sister campus events throughout the year.

Drexel Park

4. Drexel Park

Drexel Park is a 2.5-acre open green space that serves as a recreational park for the Drexel and Powelton Village communities. A prime spot for large outdoor activities, it’s also a great place to relax, unwind, and meet up with friends.

WKDU: Drexel's Radio Station

5. WKDU: Drexel’s Radio Station

WKDU is Drexel’s student-owned and -run radio station. It’s the only free-format non-commercial FM station in Philadelphia and can be found by tuning your radio to 91.7FM.

Chestnut Square

6. Chestnut Square

Chestnut Square is a living space complete with multiple food options. You’ll find offerings such as burgers, hot dogs, and fries; bubble tea; healthy and quick service meals; and coffee and games!
Dragon Statue

7. Dragon Statue

Mario the Magnificent is Drexel’s official mascot. The Mario statue is a point of pride for the Drexel community and an iconic spot for a photo opportunity. It’s located at the corner of 33rd Street and Market Street.


8. Recreation Center

The state-of-the-art Drexel Recreation Center is a fitness and hangout hub in University City. It is a multipurpose recreation facility for students with swimming pools, basketball courts, a rock-climbing wall, and more, while serving as home to many of Drexel’s indoor varsity sports teams.

volleyball courts

9. Drexel Volleyball Courts

Volleyball courts in the middle of the city? You heard us right. Beach volleyball awaits within close distance to the residence halls and classrooms so you can have a quick game with friends between classes.