Campus Eateries Tour

Northside Dining Terrace
Philadelphia is known for its exceptional restaurants, diverse in cuisine and rich in history. Drexel is full of its own variety of restaurants and dining halls too. Whether you’re looking for pizza, coffee, or a new favorite food, our University City Campus offers plenty of diverse eating options for just about every taste.
Urban Eatery

1. Urban Eatery

The Urban Eatery features six unique food concepts including the pizza/pasta, salad bar, smoothie, and coffee bar stations — all in one convenient on-campus location.

Ross Commons

2. Ross Commons

Ross Commons mixes classic style with modern convenience. It features the family-owned restaurant Sabrina’s Café, which offers fresh food choices.

Northside Dining Terrace

3. Northside Dining Terrace

In the heart of Drexel’s residential area is the Northside Dining Terrace. There you’ll find Chick-fil-A, Subway, a sushi station, and full-service convenience store.

Saxby's Cafe interior

4. Saxby's

Saxby’s is a local favorite, known for its quiet atmosphere for coffee-sipping and enjoying pastries. Just a short distance away from the Recreation Center, finish your exercise routine with some caffeine. Drexel students even have the option to do co-op at Saxby’s.

Chestnut Square

5. Chestnut Square

Chestnut Square is a living space complete with multiple food options. You’ll find offerings such as burgers, hot dogs, and fries; bubble tea; healthy and quick service meals; and coffee and games!
Handschumacher Dining Center

6. Handschumacher Dining Center

The Handschumacher Dining Center, also known as the “Hans,” is home to various kinds of cuisine including a Philly favorite, the make-your-own cheesesteak bar. Asian, American, and Italian dishes are also served up, as well as fresh fruit and salads. Low-calorie and gluten-free options are also on the menu.

Academic Bistro

7. The Academic Bistro

The Academic Bistro is a hot spot of creativity. It’s where student chefs learn from faculty and top chefs in the industry to come up with original recipes. You can also stop by for a hand-crafted lunch during the fall, winter, and spring.