Resources and Support With Dragons Prep

For more than twenty years, Drexel has hosted a summer bridge program for incoming first-year students. Over those years, the name has changed and the program components have shifted slightly, but the goal of the program has remained the same: to ease the transition from high school to college, and equip students with the tools and resources that will help them succeed at Drexel.

You can think of Dragons Prep as a dress rehearsal for Drexel.

The program, now called Dragons Prep, will allow incoming students to build a strong foundation before becoming full-time Drexel students in the fall. During the five-week program, students will take two courses for credit. All students will take a math course, based on the results of their placement exam, and students will choose a second class. This academic component allows students to experience the fast pace of a Drexel classroom and learn about the differences between high school and college-level academics. Additionally, students can earn up to six Drexel college credits.

Outside of class, students will build relationships with their peers, faculty members, and peer leaders. They will gain exposure to various resources and support, with opportunities to meet their academic advisor, consider co-op and career options, and learn about the robust tutoring options available to students. Additionally, participants learn about opportunities outside of the classroom that can greatly transform their Drexel experience, such as study abroad, undergraduate research, and civic engagement.

You can think of Dragons Prep as a dress rehearsal for Drexel. At a university as large as Drexel, there will always be something new to learn, and students sometimes encounter challenges and roadblocks. But participants in Dragons Prep gain tools to face those challenges over the summer by learning some of the classroom expectations, getting comfortable navigating various types of technology, and maybe even getting lost once or twice on campus. That way, when students join the Drexel community full-time in the fall term, they are ready to hit the ground running.

Once the summer is over, we love to keep in touch with our students! Dragons Prep participants become a part of the Center for Inclusive Education and Scholarship community, and will have the support of our staff for the rest of their time at Drexel.