How Drexel's College of Computing & Informatics Helped Me Tell My Story

Our guest blogger for the post below is Blessing Adogame, Class of 2021 information systems alum.

My name is Blessing Adogame. After a rocky path of self-discovery, I made the choice to study information systems with a minor in security technology. Drexel's College of Computing & Informatics ignited a fire in me and empowered me to bring light to any room I find myself in. I’d like to share how my ambition has brought me this far.When I realized that I didn't want to come to college to simply just take classes and receive a degree, I knew I had found my ambition. I wanted more. I wanted to be intentional and take charge of my five years at Drexel.

For my first co-op experience as a sophomore, I worked at FRONTLINE Selling as a social business strategist, where I helped to produce software cards tailored to our end-user client's use on LinkedIn. I started the position not knowing much about the platform, but a few months later, I was able to tap into my curiosity to build the foundation of my LinkedIn presence. I noticed that there weren't that many students on LinkedIn that were actively and purposefully using the platform, and I saw that as an opportunity. I turned a problem into a project and started the global #StudentsofLinkedIn campaign which aims to encourage, educate and showcase college students around the world. By sharing my story and using the hashtag, others were encouraged to do so as well. What started as a campus campaign turned into a global mission, impacting thousands of students.

My advice to students seeking to establish their presence is to just start sharing your story.

As I continued to tell my story, in documenting and sharing my experiences, my following grew. Through the connections I've made in sharing my story, I've realized the power of my voice and that no experience is too insignificant. In each of these experiences that I shared, I was learning to provide value to my audience.

My advice to students seeking to establish their presence is to just start sharing your story. No matter your background, age or experience, there is something to learn from everyone in this world, so don't leave your story behind. Explore, and be creative in all that you do, document your journey in an intentional way, and you will be able to build a community.

From being featured by Google during their Black History Month to the Students of LinkedIn platform being featured by Forbes, I've learned the power that comes from leading through your ambition and being intentional about what you want in life. It doesn't come easy; we all come from different backgrounds and stages in life, but there is power in being your authentic self, working to improve yourself every single day and stepping out of the maze of mediocrity to live for something bigger than yourself.

My ambition brought me this far and it is what keeps me going. It is my fuel. It is my fire. What's yours?