Meet the Author: Zachary Raber

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my "meet the author" blog post. My name is Zachary Raber, and while being a student can be crazy busy sometimes, I'm excited to be able to write for the Admission Blog! Entrepreneurship and Innovation is my major and I'm also enjoying my time in the Client Development and Customer Service minor program. Business and innovation has always been my field of interest for a potential career, but I'm not only focused on business!

I was born and raised in West Chester, PA, a fairly large town with a busy downtown area full of restaurants, shops, and West Chester University only blocks away from home! To say that there was plenty to do would be an understatement; from biking around town with friends to family vacations at Maryland beaches, I was blessed with the opportunities I had to get out in the world and explore and learn. When I was 14, my dad had just finished starting a company and selling it, so of course being the curious one, I wanted to learn more about the process behind what he did. What he taught me made me really interested in the entrepreneurship field and startup businesses, leading me to choosing Drexel as the school to go to with their amazing program at the Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship.

Since coming to Drexel University, I can confidently say I chose the right school. Spending time with friends in downtown Philadelphia, eating food-truck food, studying for classes, getting involved with clubs and organizations...there's just so much to do at Drexel that I wish I had more time to experience it all. On top of exploring the city, I love lo-fi hip hop music, video games, continually working on my writing projects, as well as watching CS:GO eSports games (any Astralis fans out there?). You can find me either in my room in Discord gaming with friends, eating food on campus with my best friend J, or walking the streets of Philly looking for cheap eats and fun.

Through my blog posts I hope to share with you what I've learned about how to find and have good times while enrolled at Drexel, while also sharing some of the rough realities of being a student and how to overcome those obstacles. Being enrolled at Drexel University can be stressful, just like all schools, but with some persistence and determination to persevere through the tough times, I think you'll find both the academics and co-op opportunities exciting and worthwhile.