Drexel is both proud and excited to announce the launch of the Winter Entry Program. The Winter Entry Program allows recent high school graduates the opportunity to begin their college career in the winter quarter (January 2021) as opposed to the fall quarter (September 2020).

Drexel realized that the outbreak of the coronavirus has shifted many of our lives in various directions. Because of that, some students are just not prepared or ready to start college in the fall. We recognized that and wanted to provide those students and families with another option, hence the birth of the Winter Entry Program. We saw the need, and this is a response to that need.

The advantage to the Winter Entry Program is simple — it gives students and families a bit more time to prepare for college life. The disadvantage — NONE! Students will get to experience the same rigorous experiential learning opportunities they would receive should they have entered in the fall. The winter curriculum will mimic that of the fall. Students entering in the winter quarter will be on track with their peers who started in the fall by fall 2021. Winter Entry students will take three quarters of classes: winter, spring, and summer. By taking three quarters of classes just as fall entry students, they will not experience any negative impact to their plan of study. Students will also be able to participate in our renowned cooperative education program, gaining real life experience through employment. These student's co-op cycles will not be negatively impacted by starting in the winter. Students will be on track for co-op just as they would be if they had entered in the fall. They will take COOP 101, a class that prepares students for co-op by learning how to write both a résumé and cover letter while also learning important interview skills, and they will be assigned a co-op advisor to assist with the job search just as all of our students who are scheduled to participate in co-ops are.

Winter entry students also have the opportunity for on-campus housing and will have a January move-in date — just before the winter quarter begins. You will also have access to all the resources that Drexel offers from the Writing Center to our Counseling Center, including clubs and organizations. You will not be excluded from any of the offerings that the University has to offer students.

The advantage to the Winter Entry Program is simple — it gives students and families a bit more time to prepare for college life. The disadvantage — NONE!

If you did not apply to Drexel for the fall, you should visit the Winter Entry Program for directions on how to apply. Please note that there is no application fee to apply to the program. Please view the instructions listed on the website on how to properly select the fee waiver.

If you have applied to the University for the fall term, were offered admission to the University, but did not confirm your enrollment here, you will hear from us via email regarding how to request your application be moved over to the Winter Entry Program — any questions, feel free to email your admissions representative or enroll@drexel.edu.

In short, if you just do not feel ready to begin college in the fall but want to ensure that you get the same advantages of a student who is beginning their college career in the fall, please consider the Winter Entry Program as an option. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the admissions office by emailing enroll@drexel.edu. We are here to help and are happy to have a discussion with you. You are also encouraged to review the frequently asked questions regarding the Winter Entry Program.