How to Stay Safe on Campus as a Drexel Student

One of the best pieces of advice I received going into college was "use your resources." This sentiment could not be truer when it comes to safety. Drexel University is committed to the safety of everyone in the community. There are a variety of resources in place to ensure students and professional staff are happy, healthy, and successful. However, it is imperative that everyone on campus knows these helpful resources exist.

Safety can start with something as simple as adding the emergency contact number of the Department of Public Safety to your phone. If you see something, call Drexel Public Safety! As a professional staff member, I have gotten to know some of the public safety officers who walk around Main Building to ensure safety at our admission events. They often swing by the Visit Center just to say hello! Getting to know the officers around campus will make calling for help if needed a bit less daunting.

Drexel Public Safety even hosts programs, like Public Safety & U, which offer students an opportunity to meet with officers in a classroom-like discussion to discuss topics revolving around safety on college campuses and educating students and faculty on how to create a more secure environment.

"Better safe than sorry" is the rule of thumb when it comes to safety.

"Better safe than sorry" is the rule of thumb when it comes to safety. Perhaps you are studying in the library late in the evening and don't feel comfortable walking back to your residence hall. You can call and request a public safety officer as a walking escort to take you back to your room. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at any time you need.

Students are also encouraged to sign up for DrexelALERT. DrexelALERT is an emergency notification system that allows members of the Drexel community to stay informed and receive updates via text message, email, and phone call for any suspicious or potentially dangerous situation that could occur on campus or in the surrounding neighborhoods. Community members will receive a notification when the situation has been reported and once it has been diffused.

Take your safety precautions to another level and turn your smartphone into a personalized safety device with Drexel Guardian. If you register your phone with Drexel Guardian and call Public Safety with an emergency, your personal information that you provided will come up, so the officers are more informed entering the situation.

There could be a situation when you are on campus without your phone. In that case, find the closest blue light, which once pressed will alert public safety to report to that light on campus or in the surrounding areas. It's crucial to stay informed and be aware in your day-to-day life. The resources and processes that exist are there to keep everyone out of harm's way. While you're at Drexel, we want you to learn, grow, and have fun, all while being safe!