Have you met Shreya?

Hey there! My name is Shreya and I am a junior at Drexel University. I am majoring in Marketing and Business Analytics and minoring in communications. I am in the 5 year, 3 co-op program and this is my fourth year here. I was born and raised in central New Jersey (yes we exist!), only about an hour away from Philadelphia. I have three siblings, two of whom also attend Drexel University! When I graduate, I hope to move to California where it is warm and hopefully work for a company where I can incorporate digital analytics using social media.

Coming into Drexel, I had no idea who I was or wanted to be, let alone what career path I would be taking for the rest of my life. Drexel gave me the awesome opportunity of having three different real-world-like experiences, which made me think about the various things I would be interested in pursuing after I graduated. Even though I had no idea what to major in or what I wanted to do after I graduated, I decided to take advantage of Drexel's various co-ops by choosing to do something different for each co-op.

For my first co-op, I worked at a law firm that is located in the heart of Philadelphia, by Love Park. I worked for their finance and accounting department and learned a lot about litigation cases and securities cases; however, I also learned that I could never see myself doing that for the rest of my life. For my second co-op, I worked for Drexel’s Events & Visitors Relations team, which was completely different from my first co-op experience. Here, I was able to help plan various Drexel events, such as Commencement and Welcome Week. I loved this experience and learned that I could definitely see myself being an event planner in the future. My final co-op, which I will be starting in the spring, is going to be at Publicis Health Media, an analytics company. I am excited to see what this co-op has in store for me!

If there's anything that I've learned from being at Drexel for the past four years, it's that you will never know what you like unless you give it a shot!

I look forward to writing about more of my experiences as a student at Drexel in the future!