Why I Chose Drexel

Compared to majority of the other schools I happened to be looking at, Drexel stood out. I remember receiving letters from Drexel in the mail and being so excited to see that bright yellow and royal blue. From the quarter system, to co-op, to being an open campus in Philadelphia, Drexel was full of surprises that I couldn't wait to explore.

The Co-op program was a huge factor in my decision to come to Drexel. Not only does it give you hands-on experience in your field, but it gives you the opportunity to network and form relationships that can be extremely beneficial to your career after graduation. I also appreciated that Drexel offered options when it came to co-op. I chose to enroll in the four-year, one co-op program because I wanted to be able to graduate in four years and to have my one co-op experience be one that is of a higher level. Many of my peers chose the five-year, three co-op option because they wanted to have more experience. The fact that a full-time job in our field is built into our curriculum still amazes me.

I actually love the quarter system. Every ten weeks I get to take new classes.

Unlike most universities, Drexel runs on a ten-week quarter system instead of semesters. This was a concept that I was not fully able to grasp but I did know that it would challenge me. Compared to just having two semesters a year, our four quarters are fast paced and are challenging. With each quarter, we take a new set of classes, which results in Drexel students taking more credits by the end of the year. But I actually love the quarter system. Every ten weeks I get to take new classes and this makes the classes I do not enjoy as much a little more bearable.

Another characteristic of Drexel that made my decision easier was Drexel's location in Philadelphia. Everything that I would need, such as grocery stores, restaurants, the train station, museums and clothing stores, are either in walking distance or a shuttle ride away. Our campus is in the center of all of the excitement, and with that I have never felt unsafe here. It is extremely difficult to attend Drexel and not explore the City of Brotherly Love.