Favorite Lunch Spots in Rittenhouse

When I was on co-op in the city, I started searching for cheap places you can go to for lunch. Here are my top three spots to hit up for lunch in Rittenhouse. Also, they're all under $10!

When you're working in the city, don't be afraid to try new places.

Hai Street Kitchen & Co.

Holy sushi burrito! If you’re looking for something filling and picture-worthy, I would recommend Hai Street Kitchen. This Japanese-style burrito is messy but satisfying. You can customize your roll or get a signature one. My personal favorites are the Panko-crusted Mushroom and Hai Street Chicken. The menu changes from season to season so these items might not be on the menu anymore. Also, I recommend the sushi burrito roll over the bowl and salad.

Mama's Vegetarian

This is a classic place for delicious falafel sandwiches with handmade pita bread. There's usually a line extending outside the storefront during lunchtime. With your purchase of a sandwich, you also get a small container to use at the salad bar. You can also get small to-go containers of extra tahini sauce and hot sauce. My favorite sandwich is the eggplant with falafel. It's delicious! If you’re not a sandwich person, you can also get a platter. If you have a small stomach like me, the platter can serve you two meals!

Coventry Deli

This is my favorite deli in Center City. I probably went to Coventry Deli at least once a week since the prices are so affordable. You can choose from sandwiches to burgers, to salads, to pastas, to soups, or desserts. This one location is great for comfort food. I usually order a chicken salad sandwich and soup. Sandwiches can be half or full. And they come with a side of either potato salad, coleslaw, or fruit. They even add a pickle, which is my favorite part of the meal. The soup-of-the-day varies but I always get a soup when they serve their lobster clam chowder. Thinking about all this food is making me hungry...

When you're working in the city, don't be afraid to try new places. Though these are my recurring spots, I was also motivated to try a new restaurant each week. Invite your coworkers or fellow co-op friends. I know this helped make my lunch breaks more fun!