Angela Montgomery

Angela Montgomery Headshot
Assistant Vice President, Graduate Admissions

About Me

I'm originally from Illinois, and after many years of traveling and adventures, I'm happy to have found my forever home in Philly. I graduated with my PhD from Penn State, and have been working in education for nearly twenty-five years. I love college football, baking, playing with my kiddos, and telling a good story. A strong cup of coffee, a good book, and great live music are my favorite things.

What advice would you give to a student considering grad school?

Do your research and find your people! One of the most important parts of graduate school success is fit. Take the time to talk to professors. Meet current students. Chat with admissions reps. Build the relationships necessary so that you can make an informed decision about what feels like the right spot. That doesn't necessarily mean being comfortable! But rather, it's about finding the best place to go to challenge your assumptions and grow. Most students know the minute they step on a campus if a place is going to be home or not.


Place on Campus:

I'm in love with the URBN building. It's impossible to go there and not be inspired to create.

Restaurant/Food Truck:

Parc in Rittenhouse Square. Three words: Cranberry-walnut-bread.

Philadelphia Landmark/Location:

Not *exactly* a landmark, but everyone should experience the Franklin Fountain at least once in their Philly life. The best ice cream and ambiance in the city.