La última noche del año (LUNA) Graduation Ceremony

2024 Ceremony Recording
The ceremony is scheduled to begin livestreaming in the player above on May 28 at 6 p.m. ET. A recording will be made available within 48 hours after the livestream ends.

Drexel is proud to celebrate the achievements of our graduating Dragons of Latin American, Caribbean, and Indigenous ancestry or identity at our annual La última noche del año (LUNA) Graduation Ceremony. This event is held each year to honor and acknowledge graduates of Latin American, Caribbean, and Indigenous identity or ancestry, and we are excited for this opportunity to recognize the contributions they have made within our University community throughout their time as a Drexel Dragon. For these students, this is not the end of their journey — it is merely a new chapter in an exciting book that will serve to inspire the students of tomorrow.

Join us for this special Commencement celebration as we gather to not only recognize the amazing achievements of these 2023 graduates, but to thank them for all that they have done to encourage others as they work to build their own legacies of success.

2024 In-person and Virtual Ceremony

Date: May 28, 2024
Start Time: 6 p.m. ET
Location: Drexel University's Main Auditorium

The entire Drexel community is invited to view this year's LUNA Graduation Ceremony, as it will be livestreamed on this page. If you are a student that lives far away and are unable to attend, you're also welcome to join us virtually.

Please Note: Students who have applied for graduation and self-identify as members of  Latin American and Spanish Caribbean ancestry or identity will receive an email invitation for this event. Anyone who is eligible to participate but did not previously self-identify should contact the Student Center for Diversity & Inclusion at for information on participating.

Guest Visitor Policy

Graduates are welcome to invite two guests to join in celebrating this memorable event.

Share Your Moment

We want you to share your LUNA Commencement Ceremony Moment! You are encouraged to post a photo or video of this special day's events on social media using the hashtag #ForeverDragons. And don't forget to tag @drexelone so that we can re-post!

Another way that you can share your story is through a submission to PaperClip. As a collection of unique stories about Drexel experiences written by students, we would love to include your experience participating in the LUNA Graduation Ceremony. We hope you will use your voice and share your story with the world!

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Campus Safety Policies

We hold the safety and security of all Drexel community members, including our visiting guests, as our highest priority. Before visiting campus, we ask that all guests review our Security Guidelines to better understand the University policies and protections put in place to protect all Dragons.

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