Student Success Team

The student success team is a group of Drexel professionals that are specifically dedicated to assisting you; and, each member plays a key role in guiding and supporting you to reach your academic, personal, and career goals while here at Drexel. 
This Is Your Team
At Drexel University, all full-time undergraduate students are paired with advisors that support them throughout their entire time at Drexel. These staff members are part of what make up every student's Success Team.

You can view the members of your personal success team by logging in via DrexelOne and reviewing the My Success Team channel on the homepage. In this channel you can find contact information for these resources as well as the ability to directly schedule appointments with some success team members electronically.

The goal of the success team is to identify dedicated student resources from different parts of the University and present them to students in a common location. This will allow students to more readily identify their dedicated Drexel support staff and contact them.

Members and Their Roles:

  • Academic Advisor
    Your academic advisor is the key Drexel resource to guide you through your academic career in order to achieve your goals. Learn more about the benefits of your advising relationship
  • Co-op/Career Advisor
    Your career advisor is a professional staff member in the Steinbright Career Development Center who will work with you to access and achieve your career goals. Career advisors will prepare, guide, and empower you to navigate the lifelong process of personal and professional development. For students enrolled in the cooperative education program, your career advisor is also your co-op coordinator and will guide you through the co-op process before, during, and immediately following your work experience.
  • Subject-Specialist Librarian
    Your dedicated Subject-Specialist Librarian has expertise in your program and can assist you with the research support you'll need to excel in your coursework at Drexel. Find out more about your Subject-Specialist Librarian.
  • Drexel Central Representative
    Your Drexel Central Representative is a member of the Drexel Central team, and associated offices, that can assist with your financial and registration concerns and questions. In particular, your Drexel Central Representative can help you with one of the following topics: veterans' education benefits, federal verification, financing options, and financial aid appeal discussions.
  • International Student Advisor
    Your International Student Advisor (ISA) is a professional staff member in the International Students and Scholars Services (ISSS) office who works with non-American citizen students, faculty, researchers, and staff in matters pertaining to their visa. The ISA acts as a liaison between Drexel's non-U.S. citizens and the federal government who helps the University's foreign citizens comply with visa law. In addition to providing guidance and support in visa matters, ISAs present workshops about employment, new student orientation, and cultural programming initiatives. 
  • Faculty Mentor
    Faculty Mentors are appointed by select colleges and departments and are valuable points of contact for students on educational questions which relate to the student's major and career objective. A broad overview of their value would include conversations about careers and educational outcomes, and assisting students to understand the direct connections between their curriculum and life in industry. The University currently supports faculty mentors for all Westphal students as well as first-year students within the Bennett S. Lebow College of Business.