Academic Advisors

You will work closely with your academic advisor to help you achieve the goals you set for your career at Drexel and beyond. To meet your goals, your relationship with your advisor will center on three primary outcomes.

Your academic advisor will work closely with you to help you achieve the goals you set for your career at Drexel and beyond. These could include

  • Staying organized — Managing course deadlines, and learning expectations.
  • Improving self-direction — Making responsibility for your own learning.
  • Remaining future-focused — seeking out and embracing challenge and understanding the importance of your own effort to achieve desired results.
  • Fostering resiliency — Quickly recovering, and learning from setbacks.
  • Growing your self-advocacy — Able to seek help proactively from peers, teaching assistants, faculty, and other University resources.

With dozens of majors, hundreds of minors, and tons of co-curricular opportunities, your advisor will help you figure out which opportunities are best for you and how to fit them into your undergraduate career. Opportunities include:

  • Undergraduate Minors – Drexel offers a plethora of minors to support and expand your educational experience and better meet your goals.
  • International Opportunities – Students at Drexel have a wide array of options to experience life abroad; your advisor will be crucial in helping you participate. 
  • Steinbright Career Development Center – Steinbright not only works with you as you participate in the co-op experience, but also provides support for career development and co-op placement. It's never too early to start planning for life after college.
  • Curriculum – This is the background knowledge and skills that progressively build on one another and promote professional and discipline-specific competence and skill.
  • Program Plan of Study – Given the degree curriculum, the Program Plan of Study provides the recommended sequence and timeline of courses that you must take to graduate in your desired major. Your college or school maintains your plan of study.
  • Free Elective Courses  – These courses are not in your major sequence but are important to enhance your perspective and understanding of your major, your community, and the world around you. They are specifically required for the degree, counting towards your total credit requirement for graduation. Talk to your advisor about your interests and professional objectives when thinking about selecting your elective courses.
  • DegreeWorks – Your advisor works with you to track your progress in the Program Plan of Study towards the completion of your degree in DegreeWorks. This will be your degree planning tool.
  • Academic Support – Your advisor can help you identify helpful resources that will support your academic success.
  • Accommodation – If you have questions about managing a disability or medical circumstance, your advisor can guide you to the resource that will ensure you have equal opportunity for success, regardless of these challenges.
  • Drexel Student Learning Priorities (DSLPs) – Your active participation in your curriculum, elective courses, and co-op all contribute towards your development in each of these expected areas of growth while at Drexel. Your advisor and faculty can guide you in assessing how your courses advance these skills.

Undergraduate Advisors

You can view listings and availability for undergraduate advisors below. You can also find your advisor via DrexelOne.

Graduate Advisors

You can find information about graduate-level academic advisors on the Graduate College website.


If you are enrolled in a curriculum that includes one or more cooperative education experiences, or co-ops, you will be assigned a coordinator from the Steinbright Career Development Center. Your co-op coordinator will work directly with you during the preparation, search, interview, selection, and evaluation process of co-op.

Scheduling an Appointment With Your Advisor

Full-time undergraduate students can now easily schedule an appointment with their advisor and see upcoming advisor meetings 24/7 via DrexelOne.

Log in via DrexelOne and utilize either the My Success Team channel or select the Academics tab. Your advisor's information and a Schedule an Appointment with your Advisor button will be visible on the left side.