COVID-19 Policies

Student Conduct & Care is committed to helping the University's mission of maintaining a culture of health and safety on campus; in facilities, properties, and buildings; and in shared public places to protect ourselves, each other, and those in the community around us. We each make this commitment as Drexel University students, faculty, professional staff, trustees, officers, and all other members of the University community, including but not limited to campus guests, visitors, and third parties doing business or providing services on campus.

Failing to adhere to all COVID-19 protocols around health and safety, including but not limited to those listed on the Drexel COVID-19 Guidelines may be considered a violation of the University's Failure to Comply policy. To be clear, students who are not compliant with vaccination or mandatory testing requirements may be considered in violation of this policy. As it relates to COVID-19 protocols, the University will address concerns and incidents on a case-by-case basis.

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