This Is Your Time. You Are Invited.

We'd like to invite you to take part in a special virtual experience for our New Dragons: the exclusive This Is Your Moment website. Whether you're joining us as a first-year or transfer student, this in-depth resource will help you explore what your future as a Dragon will look like.

What To Expect Your First Year

Leading up to your first year at Drexel, you may be wondering what to expect...

There's a lot to learn in your first year here and this guide is your head start! These pages give you insight into the Drexel experience in order to help you fully prepare for your time here.

After all, a Drexel education isn't a destination, it's a journey. And no two students experience Drexel the same way. Here, you can expect to get involved in student life activities in addition to taking part in Drexel's unique academic experience.

Before your time at Drexel begins, it's recommended that you review our tips for your first day of collegeguide to local Philly and Drexel phrases, advice for your first year of college, and resources for all new students. So start exploring! Take your wildest professional dreams, and then think bigger.