SCDCOnline Participation

SCDCOnline is the Drexel co-op job database designed exclusively for co-op students. Access to SCDCOnline is a privilege, not a right. In order to utilize the SCDCOnline system, students are required to meet with their assigned co-op advisor. A résumé must be approved in order to have job search access. A copy of the student's approved résumé must exist in SCDCOnline in order to apply to SCDCOnline jobs during the student's scheduled application period. Steinbright reserves the right to limit student access to SCDCOnline.

Prior to First or Only Co-op

Students are required to attend a one-on-one meeting with their assigned co-op advisor. This meeting includes education about the co-op job search process, review of Steinbright policies, and a résumé critique.

Prior to Subsequent (Second or Third) Co-ops

Students are required to attend a group discussion. This discussion encourages reflection and peer networking in preparation for future co-ops.

After Completing All Co-op Experiences

Students are invited to participate in a group session to discuss their co-op experiences. Students are also introduced to Steinbright's career services to assist with planning for after graduation.

SCDCOnline Co-op Interviews

Students are required to attend all interviews granted by employers (both on-campus or off-campus). Once granted an interview, students are required to schedule interviews with the employer in a timely fashion. Students are not allowed to miss classes or finals for co-op interviews. Students should schedule interviews accordingly.

Students who do not schedule an interview or neglect to attend all scheduled interviews may receive a career block hold. Career block holds prevent student participation in the SCDCOnline job search until they are resolved.

In the event that students are unable to attend a scheduled interview (emergencies such as a traffic accident, a death in the family, etc.), they should notify their co-op advisor and the employer immediately. Circumstances permitting, students are expected to reschedule their interview.

Steinbright expects students to demonstrate professionalism at all points of the interview process including scheduling, attending, and follow-up. Students are encouraged to review professional etiquette standards and attire and should contact their co-op advisor with any questions. Students whose actions are reported by employers as being unprofessional will be held accountable, and a career block hold may be placed.

SCDCOnline Co-op Rankings and Pairings

The ranking process involves accepting offers or ranking positions for which a student is designated a qualified alternate. Offers and rankings should be evaluated based upon factors such as job responsibilities/fit, location/commute, office environment, influence on future career goals, and financial impact.

At no time are students permitted to negotiate salary or contact employers regarding employment status for a position that was posted on SCDCOnline. Students should direct all pairing and ranking questions to their co-op advisor.

If a student is paired with an employer through the Optimal Pairing process, the results are final — students are required to honor the co-op registration agreement and provide an e-signature on the online Student Co-op Registration Agreement. Because the results of Optimal Pairing are final, students must discontinue any self-directed job searches immediately and not accept other positions or renege on their existing offer.

Steinbright takes a strong stand on these policies: students may incur severe consequences for inappropriate actions, including a career block hold, restriction of SCDCOnline usage, a failed work term, and/or expulsion from the cooperative education program. Failed work terms will be reflected on a student's transcript and may delay graduation, and/or have financial ramifications.

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