Co-op on Student Transcript

Undergraduate students enrolled in a co-op concentration will have Drexel Co-op Units (DCUs) and the name of the employer shown on the official University transcript along with academic credits. Co-op credit is earned after successful completion of a co-op experience and completion of the corresponding Employment Summary and Planner (ES&P).

The successful completion of all co-op requirements is necessary to graduate; however, co-op does not factor into cumulative GPA nor do the credits factor into the total academic credits required for degree completion and graduation from Drexel University. Key components to note regarding co-op credit on Drexel University transcripts:

DCU (Drexel Co-op Units)

This notation indicates that a student has received credit, 16 DCUs per three-month term.

NF (Not Finalized)

This notation is temporary and means that a student has a registered co-op experience that is currently ongoing. DCUs will be granted upon successful completion of the work experience and the required ES&P.

NCU (No Co-op Units)

This notation means that no co-op was registered for the indicated co-op term or, if an experience was registered, the ES&P is incomplete. Cooperative Education Failure is recorded.

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