Co-op Eligibility

Co-op eligibility is dependent upon the following criteria. Ensuring sufficient academic development supports the primary educational goal of Drexel University and improves the quality of the co-op experience for students and employers.

Steinbright reviews student eligibility at the following times:

  • Fall/Winter Students: Between the spring and summer terms prior to co-op
  • Fall/Winter Students (on their first co-op): Between the winter and spring terms prior to their co-op
  • Spring Summer Students: Between the fall and winter terms prior to co-op
  • Summer Only (Westphal students): Between the winter and spring terms prior to co-op

To be eligible for co-op, students must:

  • Be in a cooperative education concentration
  • Have successfully completed COOP 101 or COOP 001
  • Have completed the introduction, or reflection, meeting with a Steinbright representative for the upcoming cycle in question
  • Actively participate in the co-op process either through the SCDCOnline system or through a self-directed job search and be in communication with their co-op advisor regarding their job search status
  • Be on track to accumulate a total of 24 credits over the two terms prior to their scheduled co-op terms*
  • Be making progress towards graduation
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher at the time of eligibility review (see above)
  • Be eligible to obtain work authorization and work legally in the United States to participate in the cooperative education program for domestic co-ops

If a student does not meet one or more of these eligibility criteria, their eligibility will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis Week 2 of the academic term prior to co-op. If the student has any extenuating circumstances that they would like to have considered, an appeal can be filed with their co-op advisor. Final eligibility communications will be sent Thursday of Week 2 of the academic term prior to co-op.

If a student is ineligible for co-op, the scheduled co-op will be removed and a replacement co-op cycle will be added one year from a student's originally scheduled co-op cycle. Changes to plans of study may result in billing implications.

*Students with a Fall/Winter cycle with a summer vacation term immediately preceding the start of a co-op term are reviewed based on their two most recent terms of enrollment, the winter and spring terms of the prior academic year.

Reassignment of Co-op Cycles

A co-op cycle will be postponed if a student fails to meet co-op eligibility requirements or fails to resolve University holds. Co-op advisors will inform students when they are at risk for postponement of co-op cycles and will provide instructions and guidance to resolve the matter.

In the case that a student's cycle is removed and rescheduled as a result of low GPA or poor academic progress for a second time, Steinbright will require the student to meet with their academic advisor to review potential changes in their plan of study, including a change to a non co-op (NCOP) program if offered in the student's affiliated academic department.

Progress towards Graduation

Although students may register for full-time credits each term, they must also pass the majority of their classes to maintain academic progress. As outlined below, students must satisfactorily complete a specific amount of credits each term to move up in classification by the end of each academic year.

Five-Year Co-op Plan

Classification Credits
First-Year 0-39.5
Sophomore 40-70
Pre-Junior 70.5-96
Junior 96.5-129.5
Senior 130-999

Four-Year Co-op Plan

Classification Credits
First-Year 0-39.5
Sophomore 40-96
Junior 96.5-129.5
Senior 130-999

Students who do not enroll in enough courses or who fail courses are in jeopardy of not making progress toward graduation and may not be eligible for co-op. In such a circumstance, Steinbright will require a new academic plan, outlining when the student would make up the classes they failed/withdrew from so that a new co-op cycle can be projected. Academic plans must come from the academic advisor.

Effective March 2020

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