Get Involved Outside the Classroom

You're at Drexel to receive an education, but that doesn't just involve your time inside the classroom.

There are many ways to expand your learning, from joining a student organization, to volunteering your time, gaining work experience, and obtaining national and international experience. Continue reading to find out how to incorporate each of these aspects into life as a Dragon.

Join a Student Organization

  • Dragonlink – There are over 300 student organizations, with some created by Dragons just like you. But you don't have to hunt them all down to find out which you'd like to join. Visit Dragonlink, the comprehensive database for all opportunities, and search for your interests to get started.

Volunteer Your Time

  • Lindy Center for Civic Engagement – A great place to get involved in community service. The Center is committed to interconnectedness through community-based learning, student civic leadership, community partnerships, and volunteerism. 
  • Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships – A great way to get involved with residents of Mantua and Powelton Village local to Drexel. The Center provides Drexel resources and expertise to local residents in an effort to help improve their lives and sustain a stronger neighborhood. 

Gain Work Experience

  • On-Campus Jobs – There are many opportunities for adding work experience to your résumé, including summer work, internships, and work on campus. 
  • Handshake – If you're beginning the full-time job search, or looking for part time jobs or internships, there are many places you can look for opportunities. But one of the best tools you should be using as you search is Handshake. Complete with lists of positions, employers, and networking events, such as Steinbright's Career Fair, you can start your search right at your fingertips.
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities – At Drexel, you can get started in research as early as your first year! You can take part in existing projects in many different disciplines and work with renowned faculty.
  • Work-Study – If you have financial need, you may qualify for a work-study position on campus. Many offices and departments have a need for skilled students, and work-study enables you to earn money while working.

Go National or International

  • Education Abroad – Expand your thinking and consider studying in another country. The study abroad program at Drexel can provide you with lifelong experience as you make your way in a foreign country, learning unique skills that can only be gained by becoming immersed in a different culture.
  • Goinglobal – You can find country-specific and American city-specific career and employment information here. You'll also find job tools, employment trends in major industries, interviewing and cultural advice, and more.

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