Co-op Cycle

A co-op cycle is defined as the term(s) a student is scheduled to work as part of their degree requirements.

Co-op Cycle Assignment

Steinbright is responsible for maintaining a balance between fall/winter and spring/summer co-op cycles across all University majors. Co-op cycles for new students are set immediately before the academic year; students will be notified of assigned co-op cycles via their official Drexel email accounts. Once assigned and finalized, co-op cycles can be viewed by students by following these instructions:

  1. Log in to DrexelOne
  2. Click on the Co-op+Career Services tab
  3. In the Co-op channel, click on Resume Development for Co-op
  4. In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, there is a yellow box with your co-op advisor's name and contact information as well as all co-op cycles

Special considerations for cycle assignments are as follows:

Westphal College of Media Arts and Design (Westphal) Students

Co-op cycles are determined by the academic departments in consultation with Steinbright at the start of the sophomore year. If the Westphal major has a set cycle/plan of study, the cycle is set immediately before the start of their first-year. Westphal students should contact their program director and their academic advisor to discuss the possibility of changing a co-op cycle. Only with approval of these two parties can Steinbright consider the change.

ROTC Scholarship Recipients

Drexel ROTC scholarship recipients may require a special co-op cycle. Students in this program are usually assigned a spring/summer cycle upon verification.

Varsity Athletes

Due to the varying seasons in which teams are active, special co-op cycles may be needed. Once Steinbright verifies that a student is a member of an NCAA varsity team, the cycle will be adjusted if necessary. View the Student Athletes policy for more information.

Students in Majors with Set Plans of Study

Certain majors require specific cycles. These cycles are set based on the fixed plan of study, which is determined by the academic department.

Transfer Students

Co-op cycles are set upon review of transfer credits and are determined by the academic departments in consultation with Steinbright.

Re-Admit Students

Co-op cycles are set upon review of overall credits and are determined by the academic departments in consultation with Steinbright.

Non-Fall Admits

Co-op cycles are determined by the academic departments in consultation with Steinbright.

All students can view co-op cycle assignments under the Co-op+Career Services tab in DrexelOne.

Transfer Student Cycle Assignment

At the time of enrollment, co-op cycles for transfer students are set in consultation with the academic department after review and acceptance of transfer credits.

5COP transfer students will be assigned two or three six-month co-op cycles based on their individualized transfer credit evaluation.

4COP transfer students are required to complete one six-month co-op cycle or two three-month co-op cycles, as determined by major.

Transfer students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor to review their plan of study upon enrollment.

Changing Co-op Concentrations and Limitations

Co-op concentrations (5COP, 4COP, and NCOP) are selected upon applying to the University based on the options available for each program. Students are permitted to change their co-op concentration at any time; however, changes can only be applied as follows:

  • Change requests made at the start of the term up until the term's Add/Drop deadline can be made effective immediately.
  • Change requests made after the Add/Drop deadline of any term are made effective the following term.
  • If changing into a 5COP program, a student must have a plan of study that will accommodate the completion of three required co-op cycles as well as meet all co-op eligibility requirements.

To initiate a change in co-op concentration, students should contact their academic advisor. Approval will then be required from their academic advisor, Steinbright, the International Students and Scholars Services office (for international students only), Office of the Bursar, and the Office of Financial Aid. A change of concentration will not take effect until all offices have granted approval and the request has been processed by the Office of the University Registrar.

Military Service Exemption

Short-term active duty, reserve training, deployment due to emergency situation/natural disaster are approved for co-op credit on a case-by-case basis.

Co-op Cycle Swap

It is the responsibility of Steinbright to establish a reasonable balance of the number of new students, by declared academic major or intended major, designated to work in each of the two principal co-op cycles (fall/winter or spring/summer).

Only new first-year students* (after the cycle has been set) desiring a co-op experience on a cycle different from the one designated may request an exchange (a swap). This exchange must be with a student in the same:

  • College/School
  • Major (exception is made for LeBow students)
  • Co-op Concentration

For example, a four-year Biology student with a fall/winter cycle can request a swap with a four-year Biology student with a spring/summer cycle.

Two types of swaps are as follows:

  • Partner Swap: A first-year student who has identified another first-years student who meets the above criteria can register to exchange cycles.
  • Individual Swap: A first-year student who has not identified another first-year student to swap with can request to change their co-op cycle. Steinbright will make every attempt to match all eligible students.

The swap process will begin one week before classes begin in September. Students who are eligible to participate in the swap process will receive an email from their co-op advisor with information regarding how to submit a request for a co-op cycle swap and associated deadlines. Co-op cycle swap is not guaranteed. No swaps will be considered after the deadline. All students' co-op cycles will be permanently scheduled for the length of their undergraduate academic program after this date. Students will be notified via their official Drexel email accounts of their new cycle. If no swap could be made, those students will also receive this information in writing. No swaps will be effective until students receive email confirmation.

*Transfer students are not eligible to swap co-op cycles because co-op cycles are set upon review of transfer credits and are determined by the academic departments in consultation with Steinbright.

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