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The Career Services team can help you choose a major, set a clear path towards advanced studies, or develop a job search strategy that will lead to success.  

Job Search

The Steinbright Career Development Center can help you as you explore your career options.

Your job search is a very individual endeavor; no two students or alumni are looking for the exact same co-op or full-time job. Being organized and thorough during the job search process will help you achieve your goals. Here are some suggestions on where to get started:

  • Job Resources at Drexel – There are many Drexel resources available to assist you throughout your job search.
  • Identify Online Job Postings – Many available job positions are posted online. Learn methods to locate and apply for online job postings.
  • Identify Employers Who Interest You – Learn how to make a list of companies who interest you in order to help you get a head start on finding positions.
  • Contacting Employers of Interest – Many company positions are not posted online. Learn how to effectively contact potential employers in general and in relation to a job posting, as well as the importance of following up.
  • Informational Interviews – Learn how to gather information during an informational interview on the field and to find employment leads to expand your professional network.
  • Networking Professionally in Your Field – Find out best practices for networking and how to connect on a professional level.
  • Communication With Employers – Lean how to impress prospective employers over the phone, email, and in person.

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