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Nursing Co-op and Levels

Students in the 5-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program are eligible to complete three co-ops. The first must be at Level 1, the second at Level 2, and the third at Level 1 or 2. Students in the 4-year BSN program are eligible to complete one co-op at Level 2 for degree completion. Transfer students and Fast Track transfer students in the BSN Co-op program complete one Level 2 co-op experience. Co-op job levels are structured and explained below.

Co-op Level 1

All 5COP students are required to have a Level 1 position for their first co-op. Students will have administrative roles in health care-related work environments and will not perform any basic nursing skills while on this co-op. Students will work under the direction of a professional nurse, manager, or other professional with a minimum of a baccalaureate degree.

Co-op Level 2

Students must pass the Nursing 226 clinical course with a "C" or better* to be eligible for a Level 2 co-op job and be in a second co-op for 5COP or only one co-op for 4COP. Additionally, students in the 5-year co-op program must successfully complete a Level 1 co-op to be eligible to apply for Level 2 co-op positions.

Students will have cooperative education experiences in traditional health care environments that emphasize the delivery of nursing care to adults, adolescents, and children with acute and chronic illnesses. The majority of co-op jobs will be in general and specialty medical-surgical units. Students will function in the role as unlicensed assistive personnel and their job description will be modeled similarly to unlicensed assistive personnel. At no time is a co-op permitted to give medications or perform invasive procedures.

Once students have completed a Level 2 Nursing position, they may choose to take any position of relevant interest, including another Level 2 position for their third co-op.

*Note: Failure of certain clinical courses and/or dismissal from the nursing program may affect the student's ability to participate in co-op and/or in the ability to obtain a nursing Level 2 or third co-op position.

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