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Computer Recycling and Equipment Surplus

The following University-run services, Computer Recycling and Equipment Surplus, can help departments find new homes for equipment that they no longer need. This includes computers and related equipment, office supplies, furniture and lab equipment. These services intend to reduce waste, save resources, and help others. The University saves money by avoiding disposal costs and the unnecessary purchase of new items.

Computer Recycling


DCR logoThe Drexel Computer Recycling Program (DCR) helps University departments guarantee data security on existing computers that have reached the end-of-life stage for departments and allows these computers to be refurbished for reuse (if applicable). DCR will pick up computers from Drexel University, the College of Medicine, and the Academy of Natural Sciences and bring them to a secure location on the University City Campus. Hard drives will be secured prior to erasing data or destruction and the equipment will be assessed to determine what recycle stream will be used.

Prior to donation please, copy/back-up all data from these computers that you may need. Once the computer is picked-up you will no longer be able to access its contents.

How to Donate a Computer

To donate a computer and request a pickup, please email with the following information:

  • Your name and department affiliation
  • Contact email address and phone number
  • The pickup location building and address (if your office is difficult to find, please include brief directions)
  • Type and amount of equipment (e.g. 2 computers with keyboards, 1 monitor)

A representative from DCR will reply to schedule a pick-up. Please note that someone must be present at the time of pickup.

How to Request a Repurposed Computer

The majority of these recycled computers and related equipment will become available for West Philadelphia Promise Zone organizations in need. Additionally, as available, a stock of working computers with wiped hard drives and re-installed operating systems will be available for departments to purchase for re-use.

Computer Requests for Local Organizations

To request a donation of recycled computers, you must be a registered non-profit in Philadelphia and complete the donations request form. Donation requests are handled by Drexel's Office of University and Community Partnerships. Please allow a day or two for our staff to respond to your requests.

Computer Requests for Re-use in a Drexel Department

To request a computer for reuse in a Drexel department please email with the following information:

  • Your name and department affiliation
  • Contact email address and phone number
  • Type of equipment you are looking for

DCR will satisfy these requests based on availability.

Please note the following:

  • Unusable equipment will be securely recycled as e-waste through a responsible, sustainable, secure and documented e-waste provider.
  • If a large number of computers are requested for donation, DCR may, due to space limitations, sell some computers to make space and to help fund this program.
  • DO NOT donate the following through the DCR Program:
    • Computer Furniture, Copiers, CRT monitors, Fax machines, Printers, Rack mount cabinets, Servers, Toner, Uninterruptable Power Supplies
      You may sell this type of equipment through Drexel Surplus or submit a Facilities Work Request for pickup and disposal.

Equipment Surplus

Surplus Sales

Drexel Surplus disposes of items by auction or donation. This is a free service that generates revenue for your department by selling items to be picked up at your location. Drexel Surplus has no warehouse or removal equipment and is not a moving or storage company.

Sellers may submit items to be sold via the Drexel Surplus Sales SharePoint Site (sign-n required). Requests are processed in the order received; sellers will be contacted by email and/or an Outlook meeting request (if available) to meet with buyers. The Fund code provided on this form is used by Surplus to deposit money into your account. There is no charge for using Drexel Surplus Property. Minimal costs, detailed below, are deducted before money is deposited into your account. Your department will never be charged for free services provided by Drexel Surplus.

Preparation: Items must be able to be moved. If larger than door openings, your department must dismantle or pay for dismantling before a Surplus Request is submitted. If hardwired to electrical or plumbing, your department must disconnect or pay for disconnection before a Surplus Request is submitted.

Drexel Surplus Sales SharePoint (Sign-in Required)

Surplus Sale Details

  • Most items are listed on the GovDeals website (
  • Sales generally run for 7-10 days.
  • Please give enough time for Surplus to list before removal is needed.
  • One day removal dates or short windows for pickup reduce success.
  • Please confirm dates are correct for removal .
  • Auction costs are 7.5% of the sale price (minimum of $5.00).
  • 10% of the sale will be kept by Drexel Surplus for marketing costs.
  • All items sell "as-is" and "where–is."
  • Drexel General Counsel has approved of this sales method.
  • It is your department's responsibility to submit a Capital Asset Disposal Form [PDF] to General Accounting when a Drexel University Fixed Asset, purchased for $5,000.00+, is sold.
  • Reserves can be set to obtain a minimal sale amount. This is not recommended but it can help determine a value before sale or trade-in.
  • Unless a department requests a reserve items may have a starting bid of $5.00 (depending on value).
  • Items belong to your department until sold, paid for, and picked up.
  • After payment is received, a buyer has up to 10 days to pick up their purchase.
  • Approximately one week after your item has been picked up you will receive payment from Drexel Surplus with your portion of the sale(s) sent to the Fund/Org/Account that you provided.
  • If not sold (no value and no bids), your item will be listed as free-of-charge.
  • Items not sold or picked up must be disposed of by your department.
  • A back up plan should be put in place by departments for removal (Facilities Work Order for example).
  • Your department should watch your items as they are selling; be prepared for buyers to pick up what is sold after the sale ends.
  • Request Surplus Sales when the department contact is not on vacation. Provide a backup contact person is the main contact is sick on a pick up date.
  • Pickups will be scheduled M-F 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Your department will be notified when a pickup is scheduled, be flexible as buyers may be early or late.
  • Buyers are asked to provide a date and time for pick up 2-3 days in advance.
  • Questions about Surplus items from prospective bidders should be emailed through the auction site.