Equipment Surplus and Recycling

Learn More about Drexel's Equipment Surplus and Recycling program to help departments find new homes for equipment that they no longer need.

Recycling Program

Drexel student using recycling bin

Drexel University recycles more than 30 percent of its waste stream – over 900 tons –  annually. Drexel practices single-stream recycling, which eliminates the need to divide recyclable materials into separate bins.

All the collected recyclable material is picked up by our recycling vendor and sent to a local sorting center. The single-stream process takes the guesswork out of where to put various types of recyclables and allows the University to capture more recycling from the waste stream, reducing the amount of waste sent to a landfill.

Place any clean recyclable material into any available recycling container, where Facilities personnel will remove it. Items must be clean and contain no food or liquid waste; for example, a plastic lunch container with leftover food inside or a half-empty soda bottle are not recyclable because they are not clean.

Bulk cardboard is also picked up from each building throughout the week. Any type of cardboard is acceptable, as long as it does not contain food waste. Old books, boxes of paper, old files, and other miscellaneous paper-based items may be left out for Facilities personnel to pick up.

Please do not place sensitive material out for pick-up – this material should be shredded and properly disposed. Drexel University's Records Management Policy outlines proper destruction methods.

Do not place plastic bags, film or wrap in Drexel recycling bins. You can find drop-off locations for this type of plastic at many grocery stores.