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The Case of Traumatic Laryngeal Rupture

63 year-old male presented to the Emergency Department for traumatic anterior neck injury after slipping in the bathroom and striking his neck directly on the sink counter. Read more.

A Case of Compartment Syndrome

Forty year-old male with a history of polysubstance abuse presented to the ED c/o intense pain and swelling of his right lower extremity (RLE) for the past two days. Patient used heroin two consecutive nights prior to presentation and reports falling asleep with his RLE folded underneath his body. Read more.

A Case of Finger Amputation

A previously healthy 41 year-old male presented to the emergency department via EMS after an amputation of the tip of his left index finger by a deli meat slicer. Read more.

A Case of Myopericarditis

HPI: 21yo male with no past medical history presents to the ED complaining of intermittent chest pain x 1 day. Chest pain is substernal, pressure-like without radiation or modifying factors. He denies any associated palpitations, orthopnea, or lower extremity edema. Otherwise, no fever, chills, diaphoresis, sweats. No coughing, dyspnea, hemoptysis, or wheezing. No nausea or vomiting. Denies family history of significant cardiac disease. Denies PE/DVT risk factors. No heavy lifting or recent trauma. Read more.

Severe Magnesium Deficiency

A 33 year-old male with PMH significant for paroxysmal A/fib, alcoholism, history of alcohol withdrawal seizures, was presented to the emergency department c/o symptoms of alcohol withdrawal: shaking, nausea, and vomiting. Patient normally consumes 12-18 drinks daily. This morning he took 1 drink to prevent withdrawal but did not feel better. Because of his profuse shaking, a girlfriend was concerned that he was having a seizure and brought him to emergency department. Read more.

A Case of a Salvaged Fingertip

A 30-year-old male presented to emergency department with a right 3rd digit distal amputation that happened 30 minutes prior to arrival while working on his car. The patient states that a sharp part of a car fell onto his finger, snapping a part off. Read more.

A Case of a Blue Hand

59 yo female with PMH DM/HTN/hypothyroidism and Reynauld’s phenomenon who presented to ED in the morning c/o increasing pain and paresthesia in right hand and it is turning blue since last night. Patient was at the outpatient phlebotomy site 1 day prior getting routing blood work done. Patient states she had multiple attempt at blood draw in her right decubitus fossa and right hand. Shortly after she came back home, she felt that her right hand started to be painful and swollen, then became colder to touch and finally started to turn blue. Patient called her MD who sent her to ED. Read more.

A Rare Isolated Lateral Wall MI

A 65 year-old male was brought in by EMS after he suffered a cardiac arrest at a public place. Bystanders performed immediate CPR for five minutes. Patient was also defibrillated x1, as AED showed a "shock advised" rhythm. After defibrillation patient had ROSC and was brought in to our ED. Read more.

A Case of Ear Pain and Swelling

A 38-year-old female with no past medical history presented with left ear pain and swelling, that started 4 days prior as a small pimple and progressed over the course of 4 days to the point that patient is unable to lay on her left site due to pain and swelling. Read more.

Weakness and Dizziness in a 76 Year-old Male

76 yo M PMHx DM, HTN, HLD, alcohol abuse w/ cc intermittent episodes of weakness and dizziness for the past 48 hrs. Read more.

A Classic Pulmonary Embolism

69 year-old African American male with past medical history of diabetes mellitus type II and hyperlipidemia presents after experiencing acute shortness of breath while walking across a parking lot after grocery shopping, followed by near syncopal episode which he describes as "my body gave out." He denies loss of consciousness, and immediately called 911. Read more.

Situs Inverses: Mirror Image of Itself

A 66 year-old male presented to emergency department with shortness of breath. If you examine this ECG carefully, you will notice that is looks funny, specifically, as if all leads are reversed. Well, after looking at his chest X-ray, these leads are most definitely reversed! Read more.

Dizziness in an Elderly Lady

79 year old female with CAD s/p stents in 2013, HTN, COPD is brought in by the family for dizziness x 1 day. No chest pain, no shortness of breath, no nausea or vomiting. Patient had no neurologic complaints. On physical exam, patient appeared fatigued, but was alert and oriented x3. Her vital signs were stable. Lungs were clear to auscultation without wheezing, rhonchi or crackles. Cardiovascular exam was also within normal limits. Neurologic exam was non-focal. Read more.

A STEMI Equivalent

54 year old male with a history of CAD s/p cardiac stenting 3 years ago presented to ED complaining of substernal chest pressure since last night, radiating to bilateral shoulders. NO improvement in CP after sublingual Nitroglycerin. Read more.

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